Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tuna Poke

So one of my favorite appetizers at our favorite sushi restaurant (No Coast Sushi in Grand Junction, CO) is the tuna poke.  The last time we went there, I asked the sushi chef what was in it.  He told me, and I decided to try it myself.

I was at Whole Foods earlier today and they had a few odds and ends of sushi grade tuna.  I would never buy a whole pound, both because it's expensive, and because I'm really the only one in the house who'd eat it the way nature intended- raw!  But I was willing to spend $10 on the end piece of a fillet.

I brought it home and cut it in a small dice.  Then I marinated the pieces in a little shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil (not too much because it is really strong flavored), a tiny amount of garlic powder a small handful of sesame seeds and about 4 Tbsp. of flash fried scallions (chopped scallions thrown into hot oil for about 45 seconds), and a few fresh chopped scallions.  I let that marinate in a bowl while I flash fried some won ton wrappers.  To serve it, I put about a tablespoon of tuna poke on a won ton chip.

It was wonderful! It tasted very close to the restaurant version.  I probably can't afford to do this very often- but it's nice to know I can do it if I want to!

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Diane said...

Feel free to make it next time I come up!

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