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Sea Glass Jewelry

I've been taking jewelry classes at Speckled Feather Mercantile in New Castle, CO for a few months now.  Although I was intimidated at first, I really enjoy learning new techniques, and the artist who teaches the class, Elyce, is one of the sweetest people I know.  She is always able to put me at ease, and so far, has been able to undo whatever bone-headed mistakes I have made.
This particular class was great because I knew all the basic skills and was able to do it independently and even help a few people out.  
I love the look of sea glass, and I'm happy to have a piece of jewelry in my collection made out of it.  The fact that I made it myself is a bonus!
To make these pieces, all I had to know how to do was make a wrapped wire loop, and how to open and close jump rings- that's it!  Now I have a beautiful set- a pendant and matching earrings!  These would make awesome gift sets...
If you live near New Castle, CO, and you are interested in art classes- you owe it to you…

Backyard Flowers

So I have no talent for arranging flowers.  I love flower arrangements, but flower arranging is not my superpower.
However; sometimes you just accidentally trip over something really beautiful.  I was in my backyard watering my mint and basil plants when I glanced over at a neglected bed of herbs.  Almost all of them had gone to seed.  The parsley, in particular, was stunning.  I also noticed the chive blossoms and chamomile seed heads.  
It occurred to me that any or all of those might make a cool flower arrangement.
So, I went inside, grabbed some bottles I'd tucked away for just such a project, procured the scissors, and set about creating.
Would anyone mistake them for professional arrangements? No.  Did I bring them inside and tuck them around my house?  Yes.

It's Cherry Season...

That's right.  It's cherry season.  That means that for the next week or so I will be frantically trying to create ways to use up all billion gallons of cherries we get from our one lonely cherry tree. 

In the past, this has proven to be a challenge for which I was not equal.  This year I have resolved to hunker down and use every last one of the little bastards.

If you don't like cherries, then now would be a great time to hop over to Pinterest or Instagram and digitally hoard things other than cherry recipes.

If you do like cherries, stick around for the next week or so and watch as I try to fit cherries into every meal I consume, and store them in every way known to mankind.