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Sunday Dinner- Chicken Country Captain

This dinner is a tradition in our family. My father introduced us to the chicken dish.  It's called Chicken Country Captain. I'm not sure if it's uniquely Southern, but I know it's delicious!

The sides were pretty simple. We steamed the broccoli in the microwave (we started with a bag of frozen broccoli).  The rice was made on the stove. The cheese sauce was a traditional roux-based sauce using havarti, cheddar, and American cheeses.

The corn was a new technique for me. I just put the whole piece of corn, shuck and all, into the microwave and nuked it for 3 minutes per piece of corn. I cut the stalk end off and slipped the ear out.

The chicken recipe is pictured below. We cheated and used already made fried chicken from Publix.