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Today's Creative Adventure!

Well, that didn't take long.  I was going through some old digital recipe files and found my Daddy's wheat bread recipe.  I decided I would attempt to give it an update.  The printed parts were his.  The handwritten parts are mine.  If the batch that's currently rising on the counter turns out well, I'll publish the new version of the recipe.  If it doesn't turn out well,  I'll give it another try.

Fingers crossed...

It's Summer. Now what?

These flowers make me happy.

Summer also makes me happy, but it can be a difficult time.  I am a sedentary person by nature- so given the chance, I will lay around and read all summer.  That might not be all bad, but even for an avid reader like me, it can get boring.

This summer I am taking an extended trip back home to Savannah, GA.  This is a good thing because it will interrupt my normal schedule.  This is also a bad thing because all my favorite foods will be available in abundance.  It will test my recent efforts at eating a more healthy diet.

But even more importantly than these things, I'm feeling a tug towards being more creative.  I would like to make a summer resolution to be creative in some way every day.  That might look like a well put together, healthy meal.  It could also look like a piece of writing (like a vacation journal).  It could even be crocheting or sewing.  I feel like I am fortunate to have this large chunk of time off, and I'd like to use it to …

Southwest Shrimp Salad

I should hire a proof reader.  This picture clearly shows shrimp, not chicken.

In spite of the incorrect label, this was a great salad!

Here's what I used:

Romaine lettuce- chopped
Cucumber- chopped
Tomatoes- chopped
1 can pinto beans- rinsed
Frozen corn- defrosted
Red onion- diced finely
1 lime- juiced
Olive oil

Mix everything up in a big bowl, then top with as many sautéed shrimp as you want!

This Week's Juice...

This week I made strawberry-apple-orange juice. I am enjoying not wasting fruits and veggies anymore!   This week I didn't have any spinach or kale to use, but that's ok. This looks much more appealing than most of my previous juices.