Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2016

This is the one thing I know I won't be getting for Christmas- in spite of its obvious awesomeness.  I saw an ad for the Sushi Bazooka a couple of months back and was completely captivated.  Take a look for yourself!

How awesome is that!

But my husband has put his foot down and absolutely refused to buy one for me.  I know that I'm an independent woman and can go out and buy my own... but he is seriously anti-sushi bazooka!  His argument is that it's cheating.  With a little more practice we can make much better, more authentic sushi.

My argument in favor of it is that sometimes you don't want to work that hard, but you still want sushi.  It's cheaper to make at home, and you can use your creativity and make up new rolls (buffalo chicken, perhaps?).

Hopefully over the winter break I'll have time to make some sushi at home, even it is without the sushi bazooka.  :(

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