Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blender Salsa

I think everyone has their own recipe for salsa.  Because honestly, even the worst homemade salsa is fathoms better than store bought.

Since I've been making salsa at home, I've become quite a snooty salsa person.  Jarred salsa just tastes too salty and bland.

One of the things I like about making my own salsa is, I can use up stuff I have in the icebox.  What I've written here is a base recipe, but you can put anything you want in salsa.

I use canned ingredients during the winter, because the fresh produce at the grocery store usually leaves something to be desired, or my store has no organic option.  In the summer, I grow and roast my own peppers.  I usually freeze a few batches, but those are long gone.  If you want to sub fresh stuff, please do!

At the end of the recipe, I will show you pictures of the brands I use for the canned stuff.  These are just my personal preference.  But I do think that if you use quality ingredients, there's no way you can go wrong!

I'm sure I could adjust this recipe to make large batches and can it or freeze it.  But we go through a lot of this, and it only takes 3 minutes to make a fresh batch in the blender, so I don't bother.

Blender Salsa

Chuck these things in a blender and buzz it up!

1 can tomatoes (diced, fire roasted, whole, doesn't matter)  mine was a normal sized can
1 small can green chiles (I use Hatch brand, but anything will do- fresh roasted is so much better, though)
One chipotle pepper in adobo (I seem to always have the leftovers from an open can of these in the icebox.  This is a great way to use them up- add more if you want noticeable heat.  I was taking this to a meeting, so I didn't want it spicy)
Juice of one lime (any citrus will do- I tried it with an orange once and it was great!)
A quarter of one smallish white onion (you can use anything- red onion, scallion, whatever)
A big handful of cilantro, including stems (no need to chop)
A generous pinch of salt (taste the final product- you may want more)
A squirt of agave syrup or honey

I store mine in a mason jar in the icebox.  It lasts around my house for about a week (unless I take it to a meeting- then I usually either make a double batch, or make more the next day).

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