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Ramen Noodle Deluxe

Confession:  I love Ramen Noodles.  Actually, I love any noodles.

But I hate the salty flavor packet that comes with the noodles.  I'm not even sure why they label them with different flavors.  They should all just say "Salt Lick."

But hating the flavor packet does not stop me from buying and using them.

To me, it's all about building flavors for the liquid in which you are going to boil the noodles.  You've only got 3 minutes, so you need to pack a wallop right off the bat!

To a small sauce pan of water (just enough to cover the noodles), I add 2 chopped Thai red chiles, one small smashed piece of fresh ginger, a smashed piece of lemon grass (I get mine from Amazon- you could also use the paste from the grocery store) and a smashed clove of garlic.  If you've got some kefir lime leaves, crush a couple and throw them in, or you can use some pieces of lime zest.  Do this while the water is cold.  Then put it on medium heat.  Let it sit and fester for a good 5…

Strawberry Shortcake

So after making a big batch of biscuits the other day, I've been trying to find ways to use them all.

My husband would eat dessert three meals a day if he was allowed, so he's always in favor of a sweet breakfast option.

I used my biscuits as the base, then threw together a strawberry compote-ish kinda thing.  It actually came out like a really thick strawberry syrup.

Here's what I did...

I chopped about 8 strawberries in smallish chunks and put them in a small sauce pan with about half a cup of dark brown sugar.  To that I added a good dash of fig infused balsamic vinegar and a wee dash of Calvados apple brandy.  I stirred it occasionally and let it boil on medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Next, I whipped some heavy whipping cream in my mixer with about 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar.

I split the biscuits, buttered them and added a few spoonfuls of the strawberry mixture.  I put the tops on and dolloped the whipped cream on top.  I added a fresh strawberry for garnish…

Veggie Dinner

Tonight I wanted to have a meatless dinner.   As I looked in the icebox for inspiration, I remembered that Devin had sprouted some mung beans for me, and I needed to use them before they rotted in the container.  One of my favorite uses of bean sprouts is fried rice- so that's what I made!

The thing I love about fried rice (well, I can say this about most things I cook) is that you can put anything in it.  Fried rice is the ultimate ice box cleaner outer.

There are millions of ways to make fried rice.  I do not make any claims of authenticity with this recipe.  I bet I never do it exactly the same way twice.  But I know that I've never made a batch we didn't gobble up.

Here's a pic of the set up, or mise en place...
An important thing to know about fried rice is- always have everything ready to go before you even turn the heat on.  This dish is easy to make, but once it starts, there's no time for chopping.
I made a batch of rice in my rice cooker.  I always make …

Veggie Frittata

Frittatas are becoming my go-to meal if I'm in a pinch.  A frittata is the lazy girl's omelette.

There is no recipe- or at least I don't use one.  It's more of a technique than a recipe.

Here's what I did for this particular one.....

I chopped up some swiss chard from the garden, about 4 mushrooms, half a tomato (leftover from sandwiches the day before), half a Vidalia onion, and a wee bit of fresh garlic.

I crumbled the leftover bit of feta cheese from the icebox.

I beat 4 eggs together with a dash of salt, a splash of milk and a smidgeon of hot sauce.

I sauteed the veggies in a pat of butter until they were soft.  I poured in the egg mixture, then dumped in the feta.  I scooted it around in the pan with my spatula until I had everything where I wanted it.  I let it cook on the stove top over medium heat for about 4 or 5 minutes, then I moved it to a 400 degree oven for another 10 minutes, but I started checking for doneness after 5.  It's done when the midd…

Cream Biscuits

I've seen the recipe for these biscuits everywhere lately.  I'm not surprised, because these are so easy and the resulting biscuits are delicious!

The recipe I used was out of Nathalie DuPree's Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking, but like I said before, if you google it, there are dozens of sites out there with recipes.

The allure of this recipe is that it only uses two ingredients- heavy cream and self rising flour.  That's it.

I had to play with the recipe a little because I am in a much drier climate than Ms. Dupree, therefore I had to use almost half again as much cream to get my dough to come together.

I put these biscuits together in about 5 minutes, including the cutting.  They baked about 12 minutes.  That's home made biscuits in about 15 minutes- crazy!

In a large bowl I mixed 2 cups of self rising flour.  I made a well in the center, then slowly poured in 1 cup of heavy cream.  After folding it in very carefully (NEVER over mix biscuit dough!), I real…