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Time Suck

You know, because my life needs another time suck to go with Pinterest and Facebook.

I found this website the other day through one of my favorite blogs,  It 's a site that lets you create your own steampunk characters.  It took me forever to create this one because I was trying to figure out how everything worked.  It would be a great activity for some night when you can't sleep.  Here's the link to the site.  Have fun!

Korean Beef with Marscapone Grits

This was an amazing dinner!  Back a few weeks ago Will and I hosted our school's food club at our house.  The theme was "small plates."  I made this Korean Beef for the party.  Will fell in love with it, so I wanted to make it again.  The great thing about this recipe is it is ready in about 15 minutes.  Plus- you can serve it with lettuce leaves or tortillas.  The recipe is available here.  I highly recommend you give it a try.  I was thinking you could do this with any ground meat, tofu, tempeh, grated veggies....almost anything!

I wanted a side dish to go with it, so I decided to make some stone ground grits.  I wanted to try out a recipe I found on Pinterest (which is where I get most of my new recipes to try).  The recipe is here.  This is very similar to the way Southerners make their grits.  My mom always used milk, so this method using heavy cream wasn't that strange to me.  I also love that it uses stone ground grits instead of quick cooking grits.  When yo…

Saturday Breakfast!

This was the start to my weekend.  I made hashbrowns with onions and mushrooms; toasted a bagel and fried 2 eggs.

So good.