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What's in Your Refrigerator?

I am embarking on a massively ambitious project today.  I am cleaning out my ice box AND my pantry.  I know.  I've completely lost it.  What drove me to this insanity, you ask?  I'm tired of spending too much money at the store every week, buying things I probably don't need, all because I have NO IDEA what already lurks in my pantry.

When we first moved into our house, Dev built a mac daddy pantry for me under the stairs.  I proceeded to fill it with all manner of strange and wonderful things.  Then I promptly got about my life and forgot completely what I already had in it.  Sad, no?

So in a show of transparency (I hate that word) and to keep me honest, I am going to publish here a list of the contents of my ice box.  Note:  I honestly try to buy organic for all my dairy, eggs, produce and meat.  I know not everyone can do that, but I'm lucky that we have no kids (other than Bear) and we both are willing to pay more for the security and nutrition.  That's not to say that we are health nuts.  We are FAR from that.  I also have my share of crap (as you'll see).   These are the things I have on hand RIGHT NOW...

BBQ sauce (bottled and homemade)
Worcestershire sauce
prepared horseradish
fish sauce
teriyaki sauce
balsamic ketchup
sesame oil
Major Grey's mango chutney
Duke's mayo (I have a black market supplier back home :)
French's yellow mustard
strawberry/rhubarb pie filling
jarred roasted red peppers
ginger/soy dipping sauce leftover from a recipe
apple butter
jarred minced ginger
mirin (cheap Japanese cooking wine)
bottled gyozo sauce
bottled caramel sauce
walnut oil
dijon mustard
chicken, seafood and beef stock concentrate
wasabi paste in a tube
tomato paste in a tube
6 bottles New Belgium 1554

Top shelf:
glass jar of bacon drippings
container of leftover cheese grits
bottled lemon juice
1 pint heavy cream
leftover cream cheese glaze from a batch of cinnamon rolls
jug of maple syrup
container of cabbage slaw

Next shelf:
dog food
store bought chocolate icing (leftover from cupcakes for Dev's class)
container of home made pesto
whole chicken (thawing for a batch of soup later today)
container of home made yogurt in a strainer
chicken/cheddar quiche defrosting from the freezer

Next shelf:
paper bag of cremini mushrooms
container of balsamic pickled chipolini onions
container of white miso
container of olives
sour cream
jar of pickled baby corn
Yoplait strawberry yogurt
jar of marinated artichoke hearts
soy sauce

Cheese drawer:
cream cheese
goat cheese
Wensleydale with cranberries
lunchmeat chicken breast
yellow cheddar
Canadian bacon
provolone slices
won ton wrappers
white cheddar
fresh thyme
one sliced orange (for cider)
fancy merlot aged cheddar
dill havarti

Main shelf:
club soda
whole milk
sour cherry juice
chai concentrate
apple cider
half n half

Crisper drawer:
paper bag full of assorted chiles (poblano, jalapeno, anaheim, etc.)
half an onion in a baggie
pea shoots
bag of meyer lemons

Bread drawer:
hot dog buns
corn tortillas
wheat/flaxseed flatbread (yuck)- must figure out how to use this

This turned out be quite an eye-opening exercise.  How can I constantly say I have nothing to make for dinner?

Another reason for doing this is to find out how far afield I am of normal.  Is this what other people keep in their ice boxes?


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