Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pantry Cleaned!

I have successfully cleaned out my pantry!  I had lots of duplicates and bags/boxes with tiny amounts in them.  I can't throw them out, so now I must be creative about how to use them up!  Ideas are slowly surfacing...

I finished just in time to find out Dev's mom is coming this weekend anyway!  She's about an hour out. Now I have to figure out what to have ready for lunch.  I was planning on miso soup and sandwiches for Dev and myself, but I'm not sure she'll go for that. Hmm.....  Sandwiches I have under control.  I may have to put the soup on hold, though.

I may make corn dogs out of the left over bits of pancake mix I found in the pantry.  It seems like I saw a recipe circulating on the interwebz one time about how to use pancake batter to make them.  I guess I'll find out!

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