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Pizza Night!

We had quite a successful pizza night around here.  I'm trying to perfect my thin crust pizza dough recipe and my sauce.  For this batch of dough I used half all purpose flour and half semolina flour.  I made the dough 3 days ago and put it in the freezer after the first rise.  After thawing, it rolled out beautifully.  I think I may make one more recipe of dough using more semolina than all purpose flour, just to see if that improves the crisp factor.  If not, I'll be satisfied with the half and half.

I really liked the sauce I made tonight.  I put all of these things in a blender: 3 hot house tomatoes, one shallot, 1 clove garlic, a few glugs of balsamic vinegar, juice of half a meyer lemon, a few glugs of olive oil, a handful of dried oregano and about a tablespoon of honey.  The only thing I might change is the honey.  I think the vinegar was sweet enough. Oh- and I added a healthy pinch of kosher salt.  Because of the fresh tomatoes, the sauce was a bit weepy.  I think he…

Italian Chicken Soup- or The Pioneer Woman Strikes Again!

This is some seriously good soup.  I mean really seriously good.  Like I'm so glad I had left overs to freeze so we can eat this again next week!

I have been a regular reader of the blog "The Pioneer Woman" for years.  I rarely ever watch her Food Network show, but I love the blog.

Recently, she did a post of her 10 favorite soup recipes.  This was one of them.

The recipe as it is written is fairly involved.  It took the better part of an afternoon.  I'm glad I did it the long way, though.  It was well worth the time.  However, you could use boxed chicken stock and the meat from a rotisserie chicken and probably get almost the same results.

Here's the link to the recipe.  Please follow the link and make this soup.  Here's one more glance at it simmering away in my soup pot....

This might just be my favorite soup.  At least until I try the other 9 recipes on her list!

A Not So Stellar Lunch- Cleaning Out the Pantry

Whilst cleaning out my pantry this morning, I came across a pouch of instant miso soup.  It only had 2 servings of soup left, so I figured I'd make them for lunch and clean at least one thing out.  The only thing I'm sorrier for than eating that soup is buying it in the first place.  Here's a pic of it....

I want you to look at the package so you make sure you NEVER BUY THIS SOUP!  It was awful.

The directions said to dump the packets in the bottom of a bowl or mug, then pour 8oz. of hot water on it.

That's exactly what I did.  

Here's what it looked like after the application of the aforementioned hot water:

It was weak and way under seasoned.  The little white cubes of freeze dried tofu tasted like wet cardboard.

To think I ate this, when I had wonderful real white miso paste and dashi flakes in my pantry is a crime against humanity.

The only bright side in this situation was that now my pantry is free of gross instant miso soup.

Oh- and I also managed to get ri…

Pantry Cleaned!

I have successfully cleaned out my pantry!  I had lots of duplicates and bags/boxes with tiny amounts in them.  I can't throw them out, so now I must be creative about how to use them up!  Ideas are slowly surfacing...

I finished just in time to find out Dev's mom is coming this weekend anyway!  She's about an hour out. Now I have to figure out what to have ready for lunch.  I was planning on miso soup and sandwiches for Dev and myself, but I'm not sure she'll go for that. Hmm.....  Sandwiches I have under control.  I may have to put the soup on hold, though.

I may make corn dogs out of the left over bits of pancake mix I found in the pantry.  It seems like I saw a recipe circulating on the interwebz one time about how to use pancake batter to make them.  I guess I'll find out!

What's in Your Refrigerator?

I am embarking on a massively ambitious project today.  I am cleaning out my ice box AND my pantry.  I know.  I've completely lost it.  What drove me to this insanity, you ask?  I'm tired of spending too much money at the store every week, buying things I probably don't need, all because I have NO IDEA what already lurks in my pantry.

When we first moved into our house, Dev built a mac daddy pantry for me under the stairs.  I proceeded to fill it with all manner of strange and wonderful things.  Then I promptly got about my life and forgot completely what I already had in it.  Sad, no?

So in a show of transparency (I hate that word) and to keep me honest, I am going to publish here a list of the contents of my ice box.  Note:  I honestly try to buy organic for all my dairy, eggs, produce and meat.  I know not everyone can do that, but I'm lucky that we have no kids (other than Bear) and we both are willing to pay more for the security and nutrition.  That's not to…

Lazy Saturday Breakfast

Dev's mother was supposed to drive over to stay with us for the weekend, but apparently the pipes in her house froze last she's busy dealing with that.   With no house guest, breakfast became much lower maintenance.

Dev makes yogurt for me whenever I ask him to.  I like it because I strain it and use it like Greek yogurt.  I had a batch in the strainer overnight, so I attempted to make strawberry-rhubarb yogurt this morning.  I don't think it turned out very well.  I used some pie filling I already had on hand, and it just didn't get it sweet enough to over ride the tartness of the rhubarb.

Next time I think I'll do two things differently.  One- I'll use jam to sweeten because it's mostly sugar.  Two- I'll put it in my Kitchenaide to smooth it out more.  I did this batch by hand and it was lumpy.

I have no photos because I forgot to take them. :(

On to my project for the day..... cleaning out the pantry!

Winter Salsa

I love making salsa, especially ones with fresh, raw ingredients.  Fresh salsa doesn't exactly scream winter, but this one uses things I can get locally pretty much all year around.  Here's the run down...

The main ingredient in this salsa is cabbage.  I like to cut mine with a chef's knife, but if you want to dirty your whole food processor, you can use the slicing blade.  I was not in the mood to spend more time cleaning up than I spent making the salsa to begin with.  You could also add shredded carrot as well, but I didn't have any.  This was all about cleaning out my crisper drawer!  I also had 6 small hot house tomatoes I got from the farm down the road from us.  Even hot house tomatoes pale in comparison to early fall tomatoes, but I like them better than tinned tomatoes (although you could drain diced tomatoes and use those if you wanted).  Besides, tomatoes aren't the star here like they are in summer salsas.  I minced one shallot and one clove of garlic …

Oreo Truffles

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I was way too lazy to walk upstairs and get the $600 camera I bought specifically for taking pictures for my blog.  I'm on vacation. :)

So this is so easy it borders on embarrassing.  Every time I make these and take them somewhere, people go nuts.  If I was more cool and sophisticated, I'd just smile slyly and bask in the compliments.  But not me!  I immediately begin spouting off all the reasons no one should be impressed.  I never was a cool kid.

So here's what it takes to make bag of regular oreos and one block of room temperature cream cheese (8oz).  That's it.  The only other thing you need is whatever you want to roll them in.  Some people dip them in candy coating, but I think they are already sweet and rich enough, and that makes them throat-tickly sweet.  I like rolling them in unsweetened or salty coatings.  It makes them more balanced.

Let's get started, shall we?   You take the oreos and blitz them around in…