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Shrimp Chimichangas

This was dinner.  I think it came out rather well.

I have become enamored of gorgonzola cheese.  My fascination began with a simple plate of potato chips, covered with brie and gorgonzola.  After that, I snuck some gorgonzola into my next batch of macaroni and cheese.  I realized that when the situation calls for a rich, savory cheese sauce- gorgonzola is your go to cheese.

Tonight I wanted Tex-Mex.  I defrosted half a pound of shrimp and sauteed them with some diced white onion and one chopped jalapeno.  When all that was done, I added a handful of gorgonzola crumbled and about 2 tablespoons of whipped cream cheese.  To finish it off, I squeezed in some fresh lime juice and chopped some of the first fresh herbs from my garden.  I wrapped the filling in a flour tortilla and pan fried it until the tortilla was shatteringly golden brown and crisp.  Garnished with salsa and sour cream, this was a great dinner!