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Crab Salad

It seems a bit of a reach to call this a recipe.  It's so simple.  But sometimes the simple things are the best.
My sister Cindy and I used to frequent this sushi place in Savannah.  Cindy's favorite roll was a gunken-type sushi filled with some type of crab salad.
When I was home during December, she and I went back to that sushi place, and the crab gunken roll was nowhere to be seen.  Needless to say, Cindy was heartbroken.  I started thinking about the crab salad (and the shrimp salad, which used the same basic ingredients) and figured it couldn't be that hard to make.
The biggest stumbling block I faced when I decided to replicate this recipe was access to good quality crab meat.  I ended up settling for lump crab meat in a pouch.  Is it the same as fresh crab from home?  No.  Is it better than canned crabmeat?  YES!
Here is a shot of all the ingredients I used: 1 pouch of crabmeat, some lemongrass paste, Duke's mayonnaise, dijon mustard and chopped scallions.  …

I love Sundays!

This is Bear.  This is how he helps me cook on Sundays.  The only thing that will rouse him from his nap in that sunbeam is his bionic ability to hear food hitting the floor.

This Is One Happy Dog!

Bear is one seriously happy dog.  We took him up to Rifle Mountain Park so he could run around like a crazy dog.  He did.

As I write this, he is snoring in his crate.  Life is beautiful!

Stuffed Chiles

So this is the first meal I made from the ingredients in my basket this week.

The basket had several Anaheim chiles, so I decided to try stuffing  and baking them.

I started with my regular, go-to meat mixture (one pound of organic ground beef and one pound pork chorizo).  I jazzed it up a little this time, though.  I added a chopped white onion and a chopped Anaheim chile.

I halved and seeded the peppers, stuffed them with the meat mixture and topped them with Monterrey Jack cheese.  I baked them at 350 for about 45 minutes.

These were really good, but I think I could have used more cheese and less meat.  I liked the baked peppers, though.  They became sweet and soft after they were baked.  This was quick and delicious!

My Commute

I was driving out of my neighborhood on Saturday to get a few groceries.  I thought the sky looked so cool, I had to stop and snap a picture.


This was breakfast Saturday morning.  I had a chocolate croissant.  Dev opted for the raspberry cream cheese variety.  I didn't even make them.  They came from a local restaurant, Creekbend Bistro.  We had dinner there Friday night, and I asked if they had any croissants in the case.  Luckily they did, so I knew Saturday morning breakfast would be a breeze!  Dev had his with coffee.  I chose vanilla almond milk (my new favorite beverage).

Stacked Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

This was a quick week night meal.  It doesn't look like much, but it tasted wonderful.

I love enchiladas, but I don't always love the idea of the assembly.  This method yields the same delicious results, but with none of the work.

I can't take credit for this, however.  There was a Tex-Mex restaurant not too far from where we used to live in Alamosa, CO that made their enchiladas this way.  Too bad I can't remember the name of the restaurant....I have their cookbook....somewhere.

So I started with the batch of home made salsa I had in the ice box, but you could certainly use jarred salsa, or even canned enchilada sauce (whatever you have on hand).  I put a few spoonfuls on the bottom of the plate.

One word about oven to table dinnerware.  My dishes are supposed to be oven safe- up to 450.  But really, they aren't.  They can take a low oven (say 200 or 250 for keeping pancakes warm) but right after we ate dinner, both of these plates cracked in half.  Next time, I&…

Bountiful Baskets!

That amazing pile of fruit and vegetables all came from my share of Bountiful Baskets this week.

I guess I can't complain that I don't have anything to cook for dinner this week, huh?  If anything, I'm going to struggle to use or freeze it all before it begins to decompose.

Already I feel like it's making me a little healthier.  This weekend I've tried to use as much of it as I can, which means that meat has definitely taken a back seat on the menu.

I'll try to blog all the different things I make with all this goodness.  I swear, half the battle is remembering to take pics in the heat of battle!

Cheese, Grommet!

Do you know what that is?  That is a tiny piece of cheese.  The last tiny bit of a chunk of cheese I will miss horribly.  The name of this amazing cheese is Reypenaer.
Let me tell you what the wrapper says about this cheese....
"Reypenaer cheese, one of the great Dutch cheeses, is carefully matured for about one year.  This Dutch gourmet cheese is aged less than the Reypenaer Ysop, although it is already very old as cheeses go.  It does not have the sharper tangy taste of the Reypenaer Ysop, instead it has a soft and creamy flavor that lingers on the palate.  Simply delicious!"
You know what I say about this cheese?  If I can't find it anywhere anymore I will die.  This cheese is the love child of a really good smoked gouda and a really expensive parmigiano reggiano.  I think it is pretty sharp and tangy- even if the wrapper disagrees with me.
I found this in the fancy cheese section of the Montrose City Market.  I hope I can find it somewhere nearer to Rifle.  This was…

Late Night Snack

Sometimes simple and easy is best. I was feeling snacky, but I didn't want anything complicated.
Options? Hmmmm... Girl Scout cookies or... Toast!
Toast wins! I sliced into a loaf of Dev's homemade wheat bread, popped it into the toaster, then slathered it with salted butter. After contemplating toast condiments, I settled on half Nutella and half almond butter. Washed down with a cup of chamomile tea, this was the perfect snack!


Kippered herring is a truly misunderstood, underutilized ingredient in the modern kitchen (outside of Scotland, I guess).
The more I read about heart healthy foods, and about sustainable sources of omega 3s, the more I realize I need to eat more small fish.  Apparently, small fish like anchovies, herring, etc. are a better source of omega 3s, and they are more sustainable.
I like kippered herring.  I can remember discovering it when I was little and watched my dad eat sardines on saltine crackers with mustard.  My dad loved all kinds of smoked fish.  Of course, it wasn't until I was older and my palate become a bit more sophisticated, that I really got into smoked fish.
Fast forward to earlier this morning.  I was having a phone conversation with one of my best friends, Lizard.  She was telling me about some of the stuff her brother found in her parents' pantry earlier in the week.  Two tins of kippered herring appeared on the shelves.  Her father had been a fan.  The tins en…