Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have discovered a new quick meal base.  Last Sunday, I browned a pound of organic ground beef with a pound of chorizo.  That's it.  No other seasonings.  After it all browns together, I drain it (because the sausage has lots of grease) and put it in a container.  I put it in the ice box, where it will patiently wait for an opportunity to save dinner some night during the week.

I used the mixture two different ways.  The first dish I made was a basic taco salad.  I shredded some iceberg lettuce, tossed in some pickled jalapenos, shredded sharp cheddar and pepper jack, chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, salt and pepper.  I put a scoop of the beef/chorizo mixture on top (after warming it in the microwave) and served it with some homemade chipotle ranch dressing.  I put chips and sliced avocado on the side.

The second meal it provided was a taco pizza.  I cheated and used a store-bought thin crust from Pillsbury.  I pre-baked it for about 7 minutes.  I topped the crust with home made enchilada sauce, then used the rest of the beef/chorizo mixture, chopped grape tomatoes, chopped scallions, shredded iceberg (added after it came out of the oven) and shredded cheddar.  I also added a lime crema to the top before I plated it.

I think next time I make the beef mixture, I'll go ahead and brown several pounds and freeze it.  It was so nice having this flavorful, spicy mixture on hand.  My head spins with all the possibilities it presents:  nachos, burritos, tostadas..........

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Ben said...

"Chorizo!" is right. I love that sausage and down here I can get so many different ones, red, green, less fatty, spicier... The possibilities are endless :)

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