Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick Tamale Dinner

There are quite a few good cooks in my building.  One of the things I love about living around here is the plethora of ladies selling tamales by the dozen.  Every time an email surfaces advertising tamales in the lounge- Dev and I always jump on it.

Dev scored 1/2 a dozen fresh tamales yesterday, so I knew dinner that night would be super quick and tasty!  Our favorite way to celebrate Friday is by having a quiet dinner at home with a movie.  This week's selection was "Doom."

I decided to make some red rice and pico de gallo to go with our tamales.

When we got home, I threw the red rice in the steamer.  I used one scoop of regular long grain rice, and for liquid, I went with one scoop of organic tomato sauce and one and a half scoops of beef stock.  I gave it all a stir and closed the lid on the rice steamer.  Done!

Next I seeded and chopped 4 roma tomatoes, and one fresh jalapeno.  I added 1 whole scallion, chopped (white and green parts), the juice of one lime, a little salt and a little pepper.  Done.

I nuked the tamales, then stirred a chopped scallion and a handful of sharp cheddar into the rice when it was done.

I plated the tamales with a spoonful of pico and a scoop of rice.  I garnished Dev's plate with some shredded cheddar.  My plate got cheddar and sliced avocado.

Dinner was amazing.  The movie?  Not so much.  I rented it because it has one of my favorite British actors in it- Ben Daniels.  In the movie he plays a Marine under the command of The Rock.  Yeah- pretty stupid from the get-go, huh?  Ben Daniels is a wonderful actor, who has done more theatre than film.  He is very handsome and dignified.  He also happens to be very strong and gay.  And he doesn't live in the closet- he's out and proud and challenges people's pre-conceived notions about sexuality and box office draw.  To see him in this movie- using a fake American accent- was sickening.  It was an unholy fusion of those dystopian-futuristic flicks with alien gore-fests.  Apparently he figured the exposure he'd get, coupled with the stretch of genre, would give his career a lift.  Yeah- didn't work out.  I still love him to pieces, but I hope he sticks to more intellectual fare.  "Doom" just sucked.

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