Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roaring Fork Bakery- A Review

Yesterday, Dev and I were doing our regular Saturday errands (Target, Natural Grocers, Lowes, etc.) and we stopped for lunch at the Double Dog Pub.  While sitting there, looking out the window, I noticed the bakery was open.  Usually when we're in Glenwood, it's later in the afternoon during the week, and the bakery is closed.  After settling our tab, we walked over to take a look at what Roaring Fork Bakery had to offer.

Dev saw the chocolate cheesecake right off the bat.  So we ordered one slice and two spoons.  Then he helped himself to a cup of coffee.  While the lovely lady behind the counter was working on the cheesecake, I looked around in the case and spotted the chocolate croissants.  Two of those went into the bag.  Then there were home made dog biscuits for .50 a piece, so Bear got a treat as well.  After another look around, we saw a beautiful loaf of nine grain bread.  After asking whether or not it contained Rye (Dev is not a big fan of Rye at all), it jumped into our bag.  We struck up a conversation with the ladies behind the counter, and before I knew it, a plate came to the counter with a sample of baguette and bleu cheese- specifically a bleu cheese called "Moody Blue."  If you can find it- buy it.  It is slightly smoky, and not at all strong or assertive like a Maytag bleu.  Dev even had some, and he hates bleu cheese.

They have a lunch menu.  While we were there a gentleman came in and ordered a sandwich.  Unfortunately they were out of lettuce and tomato.  I don't know if that made a difference to the purchaser or not.  It seemed kind of odd not to have that stuff on hand during a weekend lunch time, but not owning my own bakery, I don't know if that's unusual.  Now I know they also serve soup, so the next time we're in Glenwood early enough on a Saturday, we'll be eating lunch with our new friends at Roaring Fork Bakery.  Hopefully that whole "having enough sandwich stuff for the weekend" thing will be solved by then!

They have a Facebook page (which I linked to at the top) but not a web page.  I wish they would consider doing it.  People are using their phones and iPads more and more to find new and interesting places to eat.  It would be great if they could cash in on some of that publicity.  They have daily specials, and if they posted them on Facebook, or even tweeted them, they might pick up more business.

I will definitely be going back.  The ladies working there could not have been any nicer, or more accommodating.  I can't wait to warm the chocolate croissants and have a cup of tea in the morning.  It might even make Monday more bearable!

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