Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Treats

Since I've been on a cupcake decorating kick lately, it seemed logical to practice my new hobby on my class at school.

Once again, I didn't make the cupcakes or the frosting.  I figure I don't want to put all that work into them if I'm not confident they will come out.  And I'm FAR from confident about my cake decorating abilities.

I ordered some more cool things from "Cupcake Social" and they arrived on Wednesday, so I was ready to go!

For the kids I did mini cupcakes in double chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge frosting.  I used the smaller star tip and then put candy corn and sprinkles on each little cupcake.

For the big people in our building, I made regular sized cupcakes (same combo) then used candy corn and colored dusting sugar.

These pics aren't the greatest.  I really need to stop taking blog pictures with my iPhone and start using my big girl camera again.  These pics make them look like chocolate cupcakes with poo and candy corn on them.  Bleck.

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