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Roaring Fork Bakery- A Review

Yesterday, Dev and I were doing our regular Saturday errands (Target, Natural Grocers, Lowes, etc.) and we stopped for lunch at the Double Dog Pub.  While sitting there, looking out the window, I noticed the bakery was open.  Usually when we're in Glenwood, it's later in the afternoon during the week, and the bakery is closed.  After settling our tab, we walked over to take a look at what Roaring Fork Bakery had to offer.

Dev saw the chocolate cheesecake right off the bat.  So we ordered one slice and two spoons.  Then he helped himself to a cup of coffee.  While the lovely lady behind the counter was working on the cheesecake, I looked around in the case and spotted the chocolate croissants.  Two of those went into the bag.  Then there were home made dog biscuits for .50 a piece, so Bear got a treat as well.  After another look around, we saw a beautiful loaf of nine grain bread.  After asking whether or not it contained Rye (Dev is not a big fan of Rye at all), it jumped int…

Sunday Lunch

So we had a light lunch today, because we're going to have taco soup for dinner (hopefully pretty early).

This is a piece of 9 grain bread with some "Moody Blue" cheese, dribbled with a little bit of honey from the Savannah Bee Company.  I got the bread and the cheese from Roaring Fork Bakery.  You will hear more about them, later.

This was a very satisfying lunch.  Kinda fancy, but at its heart, very comforting.

Halloween Treats

Since I've been on a cupcake decorating kick lately, it seemed logical to practice my new hobby on my class at school.

Once again, I didn't make the cupcakes or the frosting.  I figure I don't want to put all that work into them if I'm not confident they will come out.  And I'm FAR from confident about my cake decorating abilities.

I ordered some more cool things from "Cupcake Social" and they arrived on Wednesday, so I was ready to go!

For the kids I did mini cupcakes in double chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge frosting.  I used the smaller star tip and then put candy corn and sprinkles on each little cupcake.

For the big people in our building, I made regular sized cupcakes (same combo) then used candy corn and colored dusting sugar.

These pics aren't the greatest.  I really need to stop taking blog pictures with my iPhone and start using my big girl camera again.  These pics make them look like chocolate cupcakes with poo and candy corn on t…

Getting Back to My Roots

When I was little, my mom signed up to take a cake decorating class at a local bakery.  I'm pretty sure it was sponsored by Wilton.  I remember her baking a cake each week to take with her to class, and I remember she always came home with a decorated cake- which we (my sister and I) got to eat.  It was cool for the first few weeks, but after that- we all kinda burned out on cake icing.

I always had great birthday cakes.  I remember the required barbie cakes (the ones with the real doll top and the cake part was a huge hoop skirt), the character cakes (for some reason I remember Big Bird and Strawberry Shortcake) and zillions of other cakes my mom made for other kids at school.

When I got to high school, I used all of mom's equipment to make birthday cakes for all the members of Duran Duran.  I still kinda remember all the birthdays.  I think Simon Le Bon is next in early December.

When I moved away, I took all my mom's cake decorating stuff with me.  She doesn't do it…

Dutch Babies and Other Odd Culinary Subjects

I was reading my blogs last night before I went to bed and saw that Angry Chicken had posted a "Dutch Boy" recipe.  I've heard of these before...some people call them German pancakes, or oven pancakes.  I guess I just assumed they were too much work to bother with.  Well, according to this post it's not difficult at all.  I had all the ingredients- butter, flour, eggs, milk.  And I had a large cast iron skillet.  So I threw caution to the wind and decided to  give it a try.

As it turns out, it really wasn't difficult at all.  It was almost too easy.  And mine came out just like the picture (which NEVER happens to me).  I have only 1 criticism.  I really think it is too bland.  The recipe does not call for any salt (although I did make the conscious decision to use salted butter).  It tasted like a creme puff without the creme.  Syrup didn't help much.  But at lunch I found this recipe's true calling.  I tore the remaining half pancake into 2 halves and fi…

Weekend Project

We were busy this weekend!  We were kinda stumped over what to do with the stairway in our new house.  There's a huge blank wall, and we don't own enough pictures (or the right types) to fill this space.
While wandering around in the blogosphere a few months ago, I came across a post on a design blog about ledge shelves.  I loved the way they looked, plus I figured it was way better than putting 50 nails in the wall to hang all those pictures individually.  Not to mention, trying to hang them all straight!
Fast forward a few months and we're ready to tackle decorating the stairway.  I remembered the pictures, and showed them to Dev.  One trip to the hardware store and a few hours in the garage, and he made me these.  He built them a few weekends ago, and I painted them this weekend.  I haven't had a chance to spray paint all the frames, but I wanted to see what they'd look like, so I dug out our pictures and threw them up.  Even haphazardly arranged, I think they…

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Diane!  I tried to upload this onto 1700 Miles, but it seems wordpress wanted to charge me to add a video uploader.  Hmmm.
Anyway- I hope you have the best birthday ever!