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I'm not dead...

but school started back, so that kinda explains why I haven't posted in a while.

Tomorrow is Friday, so hopefully I'll get in the kitchen this weekend and come up with some stuff to post about.  This week, believe me, nothing we've eaten is blog-worthy (unless you dig cheerios and store-bought blueberry muffins).

Things to do with Leftover Mashed Potatoes V.2

What else can you do with mashed potatoes?

Tonight, I was feeling a little down and icky, so I decided to use some of my stash of leftover mashed potatoes to make potato soup.  I've never done that before, but after finishing my experiment, I think it will be my go-to potato soup method from now on.

So- I chopped up half a medium Vidalia onion and sauteed it in my soup pan over medium heat.  I used a mixture of a little butter, a little olive oil and a little bacon drippings.  Butter- because I love the richness and texture it adds to creamy soups.  Olive oil- because it has a high smoking point and I always use it for sautéing.  Bacon drippings because they give great flavor and it's just what you're supposed to do when making potato soup.  Period.

After the onions had been going a few minutes, I added about 2 cups of the leftover mashed potatoes and stirred them around until they were soft and heated through- probably 5 minutes or so.  Then I poured in enough unsalted chi…

Things to do with Leftover Mashed Potatoes

One of the few dishes Devin ever requests is potato pancakes.  There are probably as many recipes and techniques for making them as there are people who like them.  In my family, we always use leftover mashed potatoes, instead of grated potatoes.  I have all ideas we do that because the first time my Daddy ever made them, he was trying to use up leftover mashed potatoes- and we liked them so much he continued making them that way.  Fast forward 30 or 40 years, and I'm making them the same way.

I basically tweak my buttermilk pancake recipe, which was given to me by Devin's mother.  I start  by nuking (normal people probably just call it microwaving) however much mashed potatoes I have leftover (or however much I want to dedicate to breakfast).  This loosens them and makes them easier to mix with the other ingredients.  I add 2 eggs, about a teaspoon of baking soda, a little salt, a little pepper and enough buttermilk to make it all soupy.  Then the judgement call comes in.  Yo…

Mashed Potatoes

I should start a series on 100 things to do with leftover mashed potatoes.   I'm betting if I really put my mind to it, I could come up with almost that many things.

Whenever I make mashed potatoes I ALWAYS make more than I need.  Around my house, the leftovers are more sought after than the original dish- the same thing happens with lasagna.  Anyhoo....

My basic recipe for mashed potatoes hardly ever changes.  I peel however many russet potatoes I think I'll need.  This particular time we were having a guest for dinner, so I bought 4 really large russets.  I fill my spaghetti pot (I think normal people call them stock pots) with water and put it over high heat.  I throw in 4 whole bay leaves and 2 or 3 peeled and smashed cloves of garlic.  I cut the potatoes in largish chunks and put them in the water.  I bring the whole thing to a calm boil, throw in some salt, and let it go for about 20 minutes.

Now, if I'm feeling lazy, I'll just drain the potatoes, pick out the ba…

Day 5 of the Photo Challenge

Someone I love......  Isn't he cute?

Day 4 of the Photo Challenge...

Day Four of the challenge... favorite color.  This is a close up of the table runner we have on our buffet in the hall.
I think I'm officially caught up now!

Day 3 of the Photo Challenge...

Day 3.... clouds.  I took this picture last year in Denver from the science museum.

Day 2 of the Photo Challenge

Photo for day 2....what I wore.  Because of the continual effort to reduce the box farm I'm being forced to live in, my outfit today was filthy by the time I got around to taking a picture.  Therefore, I decided to spare you, dear reader, from the traumatic experience of seeing it.  But here it is, safely tucked away in the dirty clothes hamper.

This photo is for the challenge over at Oh So Lovely.....

Here's the badge thingie....

We're Here! And already we're up for a challenge....

Ugh!  I HATE moving.  I despise it.  Especially in the hottest part of the summer.

We're finally all moved in.  Now we are surrounded by boxes.  My kitchen and pantry are almost set, and as soon as that's done, I will be able to function.

To further my attempt to become a better blogger, I've decided to participate in a little blogging event.  It's really a blog photography challenge, so I'll hopefully improve my skills along the way.  The event is being hosted by Sherry over at Oh So Lovely.

Each day, for the entire month of August, I will post a different picture.  I'm already a few days behind, so tonight I'm hoping to catch up.  This should help me keep up with my promise to post more often.

Here's my first post: a self portrait.