Monday, July 11, 2011

Fresh Ricotta Cheese

I am totally spoiled.  I have a husband who makes yogurt and fresh ricotta cheese whenever I need him to.  It has ruined me forever on buying either of these items from the store.
The one drawback to the fresh ricotta is, it doesn't leave over well.  That means if I don't use it all in one shot, the day he makes it, it's never the same the next day.  It becomes gluey and sticky and a mess.

Here's one of the ways I devised for using up some leftover ricotta cheese.  Actually, to be honest, I was trying to use up some other leftovers as well, and this was a great chance to mix them all together.

Fresh Ricotta/Spring Pea Spread

I used about 1 cup of ricotta cheese, then started adding everything in the kitchen that wasn't nailed down.  Heh.  For reals, I added the zest of half a lemon, and the juice.  Next I threw in some leftover peas from dinner the night before.  Ummmm, after that I added salt and pepper and a little Greek Seasoning.  I think that's it.  Oh- and I rough chopped a few slices of prosciutto I had in the lunchmeat drawer.  Mix that all together and spread it on a cracker or piece of toasted baguette. Yums!

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