Monday, July 11, 2011

Blue Cheese Vidalia Onions

I've mentioned several times before that I read several food blogs.  Actually, I read an obscene number of food blogs.  One of the newest blogs I've found is called Baked Bree.  I think I've saved almost recipe she's published in the last 6 months, at least.  Anyway- she posted a recipe for grilled onions the other day that made me want to jump up and try it immediately.  So I did.  I just happened to have all the ingredients, or at least ingredients I could sub.  She used Maytag blue, I used gorgonzola.  Plus, I had some zucchini around that I needed to use, so I threw them in as well.
One other difference- she finished hers off in the oven.  I didn't want to heat my kitchen, so I put them in a foil packet and finished them on the grill, right next to the kielbasa I served with them.  And since I was cooking them in the packets, when I added the butter and bread crumbs to the tops with the cheese, I sprinkled some white wine in the packet as well, you know, just to fancy it up a bit.  Next time I'll up the  wine a little.

These onions turned out so well!  I will definitely be doing these again, soon.  I won't reprint the recipe, cuz I want to link to it so you will go and check out the blog for yourself.  Go here for the recipe.  You won't be sorry you did!

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