Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Home Town

Just in case y'all were thinking I wasn't having ANY fun on my trip home, I'll post some random pics I've taken in the evenings after I leave the hospital.

Last night Di and I headed out to Vinnie's.  I had to get my pizza fix before I head home.  On the walk from the car, we passed a storefront with a rather unusual display....
I'm not sure what a huge paper mache pink elephant has to do with what Marc Jacobs is selling, but it certainly makes for an entertaining walk down Broughton Street.
Vinnie's is located in City Market, which happens to be one of my favorite spots to sit and people watch.  It is beautiful on it's own, but when you throw in a VERY diverse group of people, it can keep you busy for hours.  Here's a shot of City Market...
After a very short wait we were shown to our table.  Vinnie's is one of the few places in Savannah that can get away with being cash only.  They did finally install an ATM on the premises, so that makes things a bit easier for those of us who never carry cash. 

Vinnie's is known for humongous slices of amazing pizza.  I've never had anything like it anywhere else.  Here's a picture of our slices.  I had ricotta, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms.  I tried to get something else in the shot to show how big the slices are.  

After dinner we went for a stroll, mostly to digest some of the pizza we just stuffed ourselves with.  We ended up in Johnson Square.  This picture shows one of the things I miss most about Savannah- huge trees and hanging moss.  There's just something so uniquely Southern about it.
After our stroll, we headed back to Di's.  She has a friend named Kevin.  They are both on the faculty at Savannah College of Art and Design.  I'd like to think if I still lived in Savannah, Kevin would be my friend, too.  He seems like a really neat person.  Anyhoo- Kevin has constructed a den-like area in the detached garage at his house.  Di calls it the "Art Garage."  We went over for a few minutes for a drink and some conversation.  I managed to get a few shots of it.  Most of them turned out blurry, but this one gives you a good idea of the space.  I loved it!  Now I want one....
Tonight we are headed to a Sand Gnats game.  We scored front row seats, so I know I'll be sharing some pictures from the game.


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