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Odd Things

You know what I think is funny?  Whenever someone comes in to Daddy's hospital room and wants to pray, when the praying starts, the person's voice gets way louder.  Why is that?  Does it matter if the people in the hall can hear the prayer?  Does God have trouble hearing like my Daddy?

My Home Town

Just in case y'all were thinking I wasn't having ANY fun on my trip home, I'll post some random pics I've taken in the evenings after I leave the hospital.

Last night Di and I headed out to Vinnie's.  I had to get my pizza fix before I head home.  On the walk from the car, we passed a storefront with a rather unusual display....
I'm not sure what a huge paper mache pink elephant has to do with what Marc Jacobs is selling, but it certainly makes for an entertaining walk down Broughton Street. Vinnie's is located in City Market, which happens to be one of my favorite spots to sit and people watch.  It is beautiful on it's own, but when you throw in a VERY diverse group of people, it can keep you busy for hours.  Here's a shot of City Market... After a very short wait we were shown to our table.  Vinnie's is one of the few places in Savannah that can get away with being cash only.  They did finally install an ATM on the premises, so that makes things …


This has been the view for most of my vacation.  I'm glad I was able to be here while my Dad was in the hospital, but it's a pretty depressing way to spend a week in Savannah.  I have managed to sneak away and see a few of my friends, so that's keeping me sane.
I know even more than ever that my mother should be up for sainthood.  She has been at the hospital almost non-stop since Dad was admitted.  Those who are familiar with my family know that my father isn't easy to deal with, even when he isn't weak and in pain.  He is not the world's best patient.  My mother acts as a buffer between the hospital staff and my father.
I have been trying my best to get her out during the day.  The only way she'll do that is if I stay with Dad while she's out and about.  It has been a sobering experience, to say the least.
He's wiggling around in the bed again...I'll be back later!