Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brie + Mango = Heaven

Seriously, brie and mango were meant to be together. My first experience with this blissful pairing occurred many years back with my friend, Diane. She combined the two in some quesadillas one night as a munchie before dinner. Or maybe it was dinner. Whatever, it was good. Later, we added crab meat to the mix, which was divine as well.

Since moving to Colorado, I have not recreated the pairing, and I'm not sure why. I have access to reasonably good brie, and mangoes. But today was the day I rediscovered brie and mango. And it all started with a panini...

I knew I wanted to make a panini for lunch, because I had a little heel of brie left in the ice box and I needed to use it fast. I also had some ham in the fridge leftover from a quiche making session this morning. Ham and brie is also a favorite combo of mine.

So I cut up the leftover brie and layed a slice of ham over it, and slapped it in my panini press. I used the bread Devin made a week or so ago, so I knew the whole thing would be wonderful.

As I sat eating my sandwich, it occurred to me that it seemed heavy and a little too rich. What to do? Suddenly, I remembered a small jar of mango chutney I had hiding in the ice box. Perfect! I grabbed the jar and put a thin layer on one side of my panini. The effect was stunning. It cut the richness of the cheese and bread, while complimenting the slight saltiness of the ham. It was true panini nirvana. As I finished my sandwich, I made mental plans to put some crab meat on my next grocery list, so I could serve some mango, brie, crab quesadillas at my next Friday night get together. I'm sure they will be a hit!
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