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This was a great lunch, but it was supposed to be breakfast. That's how long it took me to put the whole thing together. In hindsight, I really should have made the crepes yesterday, so that this morning all I would have to fuss with was the fillings.

I like crepes. So does Dev. But they seem so fussy, I've never really had the desire to make them at home. Well, that's not really true. I did make them once when we lived in Alamosa. They turned out well, but I really didn't have any clue what to fill them with, so I think I made chocolate ganache and filled them with that. But if you really think about it, crepes are really nothing more than French breakfast burritos!!

Fast forward a year or two, and Dev and I are in Denver, where Dev picks a crepe place for breakfast. Wow! Those people knew what to do with a crepe! I'm pretty sure I posted about that when I blogged the trip. Ever since then, I have been thinking about giving crepes another whirl.

Today was…

Saturday Morning French Toast

French toast is ok. I like it, but I really don't love it. And I'm ok with that. But yesterday, while Dev and I were driving over to meet some friends at a local post-school hang out, he mentioned that someone we knew had eaten cinnamon roll french toast for breakfast. Cinnamon roll french toast? French toast made out of cinnamon rolls? Heaven poured forth and rained inspiration down over me.

Did I come home and make cinnamon roll french toast this morning? Nope. Believe it or not, after some contemplation on the subject, I don't think cinnamon rolls would make very good french toast. But I did figure that the choice of bread would make a huge difference between ok french toast and life changingly good french toast. I also put some thought into the batter. And possibly a dredge, for texture. Here's what I did this morning....

I cracked 2 eggs in a bowl and added a glug of heavy cream. Yes- heavy cream. Judge me if you want to. Then I added a little bit of …

Veggie Tikka Masala

I love these simmer sauces from Seeds of Change. This is the Tikka Masala, but I also use the Khorma one fairly often. You can't beat these for whipping up a quick dinner. Just stir fry some veggies and the protein of your choice, add the simmer sauce, let it heat through, and throw it over rice. Done.

Tonight I stir fried zucchini, mushrooms, onions, campari tomatoes and some fake crab. I served Dev's over rice, and I had mine over some leftover mashed potatoes. So, so good. And so, so easy!

Afternoon Snack

This is the kind of thing I miss when we're working. I'm not sure why I don't think of taking cheese and crackers to school as a snack or light lunch, but I don't. When we're home on a break, though, this is usually what lunch looks like. I guess that's because I cook huge breakfasts and we don't eat again until dinner.

Anyhoo, this was a plate of havarti with dill, jalapeno cheddar, brie and crackers. In the middle I put some chocolate toffee, just to have a sweet thing in there somewhere.

Epic Fail- Goose Edition

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”- Colin Powell

If this is true (and I like to think it is), my next goose will be a rockstar.

But as things stand right now, my first goose was an epic fail. A failure of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. A disaster worthy of federal relief funds.

And I had such high hopes. Sniff.

We acquired the victim from my sister-in-law, Shanda, and her boyfriend, Bart. Bart shot it himself last hunting season. He even processed it for us and delivered the corpse in a bread bag, wrapped in a white garbage bag. I quickly stowed it away in the freezer, waiting for the perfect moment or occasion to defrost it and elevate it to the culinary heights it surely deserved.

Just before Christmas I was perusing my sizable list of food blogs, and low and behold, I came upon a recipe for a roasted goose. "I have one of those in my freezer," I remember saying. So at some point during New Year's Day…

Random Thoughts

I tight rolled my jeans a little while ago. I feel so....10th grade.


I love wontons. I always have. But I've never really thought about making them at home. Until now, that is. For some reason, I was thinking last week about an appetizer I had while I was home in Savannah last summer. I was eating at a place called Bar.Food, and ordered an appetizer called something like Southern BBQ Wontons. Basically, the appetizer was pulled pork BBQ in a wonton wrapper. Whoever came up with it is a genius!

I had some leftover cooked pork from last week, so I decided to see how close I could get. I minced up some sweet onion and garlic and sauteed it in some butter in a little skillet. I also minced the leftover pork and threw it in with the veggies. I added a splash of orange juice. I don't know why. It was sitting there, and it seemed like a good idea. After that cooked for a few minutes, I added a few glugs of BBQ sauce. Nothing fancy- just something I had in the ice box. I believe it was Jack Daniels brand. After that cooked a few minute…

Dinner When It's Below Zero Outside

I could have made chili, or some kind of chicken stew, or even baked spaghetti, but I didn't. When it gets super cold outside, I only want one thing- risotto. I have a tried and true risotto recipe that I use with hundreds of variations. Tonight I made it by the recipe, but added sauteed garlic butter shrimp on top. This did not suck. You could put anything on top, really...roasted veggies, meat, whatever you want!