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Buffalo Chicken Sliders

This was dinner night before last. I got the idea in Rachael Ray's magazine. It was really good, and could be used with almost any kind of meat.

The process was fairly straight forward. I used some chicago steak seasoning on some boneless/skinless chicken thighs and threw them on the grill. When they were done, I tossed them with some hot sauce mixed with melted butter. I covered them with foil and let them rest while I mixed up the blue cheese sauce. It was sour cream, crumbled gorganzola, chopped chives and lime juice.

I served the buffalo chicken pieces open faced on a focaccia roll. I basted the roll with the hot sauce mixture, then put some fresh spinach on it, topped it with a piece of chicken and some of the blue cheese sauce. As a veggie side, I grilled some corn on the cob, brushed it with mayo and lime juice, and rolled it in crumbled feta. I also sauteed some fresh spinach with bacon and shallots.

It was a tasty meal, but next time instead of focaccia rolls, I…

Snacky Snacks

This is a pretty normal lunch for us during the summer. We both love cheese and sliced meats, and the bonus is no cooking or heating up the kitchen.

On this particular day I had a few slivers of mango left from some salsa I made the day before, a few slices of capicola ham, some pepperoni, cotswald cheddar, an apple and some other spreads I had made over the course of the week (greek spread and bruschetta). Over to the side you'll see the last of the veggie chips I bought at Fresh Market before we left Savannah.

I love meals like this, when you just sit around outside, sipping cold drinks and talking about nothing in particular. Here's to a whole summer full of them!


This is the first vegetable harvest from our garden! I ended up having to cut all the plants down, because it was starting to bolt by the time we got back from our conference last week.

So now I have about a ton of fresh spinach. I'll be coming up with ways to use this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


I read a lot of food magazines. And a lot of food blogs. I ran into this idea somewhere in a magazine or on a blog, I honestly don't remember which. It's a breakfast dish, which makes it a ok in my book. I love trying new breakfast stuff.

The idea is great because it helps me clean out my ice box. I had a few corn tortillas left, so I cut them into small squares and sauteed them in a non stick skillet with some vegetable oil. After that I added some diced sweet onion. I let it go long enough to kinda crisp up the tortilla and soften the onion. Then I dumped my normal scrambled egg mixture in with it (4 eggs, a dash of half and half, a dash of sriracha hot sauce and a dash of salt). I scrambled the whole mess, then topped it with some pico de gallo.

This was really good. I'd do it again in a heart beat. And you could use any vegetable leftovers you had. You could even skip the corn tortillas and use the crumbly chips left in the bottom of the tortilla chip bag.


Asian Inspired Chicken Salad

Every so often you come across a recipe that whether you know it at the time or not, will become a regular in your meal line up. I ran into one of these types of recipes over 20 years ago, when I had dinner at the home of my college choir director.

I remember thinking his wife was one of the most exotic cooks I had ever met. Their ice box was full of condiments, but not regular, every day condiments...they had exotic stuff in there...gourmet ketchups and mustards, odd pickled veggies, etc. I ate asparagus for the first time at their table. I also learned a tomato based marinade for chicken that unfortunately, I don't remember and apparently never wrote down. But of all the wonderful things I consumed in their company, this salad recipe was my favorite. Perhaps because it started with something so lowly, so humble...a package of chicken flavored ramen noodles.

I think every college student on the planet has eaten ramen noodles. Most of us survived on them the majority of the…

Home Again, Home Again

We are finally home from our trip to GA. Although it was hard to leave my family and friends, it is so good to be back home.

Over the next few days I will try to do some posts about the trip. I took several photos with my camera phone, so I need to upload them to my computer so I can post them.

The garden survived our absence quite well. Almost all the seeds we sowed before we left have come up. When we went out this evening and took stock, we have these things sprouting up: potatoes, tomatoes, squash (yellow), cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, carrots, swiss chard and sugar snap peas. We also have some bonus veggies coming up that we think must have been sown in gardens past: pumpkins and maybe some corn. Some of the lettuce and spinach is big enough to harvest, so perhaps tomorrow night we will eat the first fruits of our labor in an early summer salad!!

So stay tuned for trip photos, food pics and a restaurant review!!

Midnight Train to GA- Day 4


I am presently sitting in the Barnes and Noble at the mall in my hometown. The parenthood aren't quite in the 21st century yet, so we have no wifi there. All future postings will have to happen here or at Di's house (although she's in the process of moving, so even that's not a sure bet).

I'll post pics later, but the last day of driving was long. And we drove in and out of what I think was the same rainstorm all day. We got lost looking for a restaurant in Brunswick, GA.

And to answer Tammy's question about the Cosmo Quiz, I decided for the sake of marital bliss not to inflict that on Dev- yet. I'm saving that for the drive back... :)

Right now I'm focusing on the culinary adventures we shall have here in the smorgasbord of the South. I am contemplating middle eastern food for lunch, or maybe the cheese plate downtown at Galleria Espresso???? So many choices, so many calories, so little time!

Well, for now I must…

Midnight Train to GA- Day 3

Here's your random, out the window pic for the day. That is some bayou in Louisiana. We drove through quite a few today.

By far, today has been the roughest as far as travel goes. We drove in and out of thunderstorms most of the day, and hit some major traffic going through Baton Rouge. We didn't make very good time today at all. But that's ok.

We have stopped for the night in Gulfport, Mississippi. Dinner was at Koi Hibachi Grill. I love Japanese steak houses. Is that bad? How come stuff I grill at home doesn't taste like that? Probably because I don't use 2 pounds of butter flavored oil per pound of protein.

We are in for the night. Right after we checked in, we were treated to a summer thunderstorm. I loved it. We don't get many of those in Colorado. This was a real toad strangler- lightning, booming thunder and heavy, heavy rain. It's so good to be back in the South!!!!

Well, except for my hair. Right now it looks like a fro.