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Brand New Toy!!

This is my first official blog post using my new MacBook Pro. So far I am very impressed. Well, except for one thing. I can't seem to get my iPod Touch to sync with it, because I already synced it with my school computer. I guess the Apple Tech who calls me tomorrow will have to explain that one to me.

Anyhoo...this is my test post for not only my MacBook, but also iPhoto. I uploaded some pictures I took of the yard a few weeks ago, and I have been wanting to post them here. So without further ado, here goes nothing......

Is It Friday Yet??

Some weeks are tough. But some weeks are even tougher.

This has been a tough week.

I lost a student. One of my 8th graders was killed in a car accident last Thursday. Even typing it doesn't feel right. It bounces around inside my brain and refuses to settle down.

Morgan was such a wonderful boy. He was sweet and always smiling. I never heard him say anything mean to any of his classmates, in spite of the fact that some of them treated him like dirt. He never once acted cool, but then again, he never worried about being cool. He was Morgan. He was extremely tall, and liked it that way. Everyone else was "shortie."

As a teacher, you see kids come and go every year. You never really think about something happening to one of them. But this is the second student I've lost since I started teaching in Colorado. Last year I lost a first grader to an ATV accident. It takes the wind out of your sails. It is exhausting to worry about what effect it will have on your…

Sushi Sasa

Poor Devin. Everytime we go to a new place, the first thing I want to do is scout out the sushi situation. I love sushi. I mean, I really LOVE sushi. And I really do feel guilty about dragging him along all the time, but not quite guilty enough not to do it. He assures me that he likes it and it's fine with him. But I'm not so sure sometimes. I love him for lying to me, though. :)

I did some advanced sushi research before we left for Denver, and Sushi Sasa showed up on several best of lists. And pretty much by accident, on Wednesday after we toured the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, I asked the guy at the desk on the way out if there was any decent sushi nearby. And imagine my surprise when he mentioned Sushi Sasa was just around the corner!

Just to make sure I was good and hungry before we went in, we made a pilgrimage to the REI flagship store (which is just across the street from Sushi Sasa). This was a beautiful compromise for Devin and me. He gets to run arou…

Vesta Dipping Grill

During my research for our trip to Denver, I came across the Vesta Dipping Grill on more than one list of the best restaurants in Denver. So I took a chance and booked a reservation there online.

The ambiance of the place is great. Our reservation was for 7:45pm, so it was all softly lit and candle-like, you know, romantical stuff.

The menu covers lots of territory. I linked to their page above, which lists their full menu. I had pretty much already decided what I wanted to get, but it took a little time there for Dev to make his decision.

I ordered as our appetizer the Vesta Roll, which was a tuna loin, rolled in toasted sesame seeds and panko, then quickly pan seared. It was perfect. A great way to start a meal...fresh and clean tasting. It was served with a sweetish-miso-soy dipping sauce.

For my entree, I ordered the duck breast. It was served with truffled farro and bacon sauteed brussel sprouts. Each entree comes with 3 sauces. You either take the ones suggested with it on…

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This is the view from the evening (event) entrance to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Dev and I visited Wednesday morning...along with every school aged child within 50 miles of Denver. Ironic for two teachers on spring break- TRYING TO AVOID REMEMBERING THAT THEY WORK WITH CHILDREN EVERYDAY. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

What a neat museum! We went to see the iMax movie "Arabia." It was simply breathtaking! Narrated by Dame Helen Miren (sp), it was made by a young film maker from Saudi Arabia. He has been attending film school in Chicago, I think, for the last 7 years. It glossed over a bit of the uglier side of the regions history, but as a travel piece it was gorgeous.

The other exhibits at the museum included an Egyptian mummy room (really cool), regional diorama rooms for Africa, Australia, etc., a small insect exhibit, an educational room about space (with cool 3-d model projections and stuff like that), a Native American exhibit and a prehis…

The Tattered Cover

Dev and I are both book store freaks. We simply can't walk by one without going in and killing an hour or two.

As we were both doing a little research before our trip to Denver, independently, mind you...we both ended up putting the Tattered Cover Bookstore on our lists. We didn't figure out until we were there that we both wanted to go.

We went to the downtown location, which has to be the coolest. It's in the 16th Street Mall area, on the corner of 16th and Wynkoop. It is huge, and it's covered with books. Plus, it has a cool coffee and tea shop right as you walk in the door.

We went twice during our visit, both times in the evening. I can't think of a better way to wind down after a full day of sightseeing. As usual, we separated the minute we walked in the door...Dev wanders off to case the joint...I walk directly to the cookbook section. An hour or two later, we will wander around and look for one another, just to check in.

We both showed remarkable const…

The Gregory Inn

When Dev and I began planning our trip to Denver a few weeks back, we discussed our itinerary before we discussed where we would stay. Remarkably forward thinking for us, actually. After looking at the map, we decided to stay in the "LoDo" area of Denver, which I think stands for the lower downtown district- or the older part of town. We looked up bed and breakfasts and came upon a little gem called The Gregory Inn. This picture is the view of the Denver skyline from our room.

I have to admit that as we drove off the highway to it, I was concerned. As in most American cities, the area of town where the Gregory is located was once a very posh address, but as the city has grown, the poshness left with it. To give you an idea, the Greyhound bus station is across the street. Nuff said.

But I'm so glad we hung with it. While you're inside, you completely forget where you are. We were met by the man that I assume is the owner (he lives in the house next door). I th…

Breakfast...Thoughts on....

Hashbrowns aren't very photogenic, huh? I like them anyway, though. So we went to Denver this week and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. Needless to say, we have come home spoiled. More on that later...

But I awoke this morning thinking about breakfast, as I often do. I love breakfast, when I have time to cook it. So I really should say I love weekend breakfast. If we eat enough breakfast, we can usually make it all the way to dinner with only a little snack in the afternoon to tie the two together.

This morning I went with scrambled eggs (Dev's favorite), a biscuit, some hashbrowns (my favorite) and some orange slices. As breakfasts go, this was a pretty good one. I had time to patiently scramble the eggs, so they had the desirable custard-like consistency (low and slow). The hashbrowns could have cooked a little longer to brown, but they tasted fine- although that had more to do with the ham in them than the cooking method, I think.

A great way to start the day!

Mental Housekeeping...

I really think everyone needs a day, now and then, to clean the cobwebs out of the corners of their brains. I'm going to do that today, since we're having a blizzard here in Rifle, and we can't really do anything else. Ok- well I could be lesson planning, but I'm putting that off for tonight and tomorrow.

I have many mental housekeeping tasks that need my attention. I need to blog our Spring Break trip to Denver (so much fun!). I need to blog the dried tomatoes currently festering away in my oven. I need to blog the home made stock simmering on my stove... You get the idea.

So, get ready for some blog spewing.