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A Good Weekend

We had a very pleasant weekend here in Rifle. The weather was gorgeous, which gave us the opportunity to get out in the backyard for the first time this season and do a little yard work. Dev turned over the compost and spread it over the garden plot, and I raked the backyard. Most of the seeds we started last weekend have started sprouting, now all we need is some sustained warm weather...

It was a good food weekend as well. Saturday morning we had roast pork hash, then for dinner we feasted on grilled chicken with mushroom/merlot sauce. Today we started out with eggs, sausage and toast, and ended with quesadillas (Dev had chicken/mango and I had crab/mango/goat cheese). I also found some time to make a batch of almond/cashew granola for breakfasts this week.

If we can survive the week, we will be on Spring Break! Our destination is Denver. I am excited because we haven't taken a trip for Spring Break before, so it should be interesting. I've been to Denver a few times …

500 New Pets?

That's Bubba. We got him and his 499 friends in the mail earlier this week. They are our new red wiggler children. We are using them as slave labor to provide poo for our garden this spring. Bubba and Co. are now happily devouring our kitchen scraps and pooping lots of fertilizer. Ain't nature wonderful??

Here are a few of the other Bubbas...

Breakfast Tacos

How does this happen? It happens when you wake up starving on a Sunday morning with no plan for breakfast. That's how.
I found some corn tortillas, eggs, mushrooms, onions and salsa in the fridge, so I used it all.
I pulled a bag of frozen hash browns out of the freezer (I know, it's cheating, but who wants to grate potatoes on Sunday morning?) and threw them in a skillet with sliced mushrooms and onions. While that cooked down, I scrambled some eggs and put the salsa and sour cream on the table. I nuked the tortillas until they were soft (maybe 20 seconds), and voila! Breakfast.

They tasted pretty good, but they needed some spice. Next time I shall add some peppers to the mix and some ground chiles.