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Busy Busy Busy!!

It's a busy time of the year around the Allen household. Devin and I are inundated with work, as school is kicking things into high gear, heading into testing season.
I have several outstanding knitting projects going: a hat, a scarf/hat set and a set of placemats. I did actually finish my garbage shawl project.
I also took my friend Jill up on an offer to do a guest post on my blog. Jill is the very talented author of the Simple Daily Recipes blog. When she offered to do a post for me, I thought I would put forth a challenge. I have always wanted to love fennel, but due to its licorice-like flavor, have not found the right preparation for me. I challenged Jill to write a recipe that would make me love fennel. And she might have done it! I will post her recipe later today, after I edit my way through the mountain of personification poems I have sitting on the kitchen table.
Until then, I hope you are having a groovy Sunday afternoon and I'll check back in with you later.…