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Happy Halloween!

My friend Chris had this up on his facebook page, and I just couldn't resist posting it. I have been a huge Tim Curry fan ever since my Sunday School teacher took me to see the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" when I was in high school. I didn't even realize this movie existed until I saw this clip from it on Chris' page. So, thanks for the memories, Chris!
You really MUST watch this. It's 80s chic through and through. LOVE IT!

Fall in Rifle

Just another example of the fall colors around here. In general, Rifle has more color than Alamosa did, but the drives around Alamosa have some of the most beautiful fall color I've ever seen.

Fall in Aspen

One of the things I love about living in Colorado is fall. The trees here turn beautiful shades of yellow and red and orange.

We didn't get to Aspen in time to see the full on fall color, but there was enough left to make an impact.

I uploaded the rest of the Aspen pics to my flickr page, so go check them out if you want!

Escape- A Restaurant Review

Saturday, Dev and I decided to drive over to Aspen. I had never been, and we thought we'd go before ski season started and the ultra rich people showed up.

We stopped for lunch at a little cafe called Escape. It's located upstairs in a little book store right on the main drag in Aspen.

I didn't realize it until we looked at the menu, but the restaurant was primarily vegetarian.

Dev and I both ordered from the pre-fix menu. Dev ordered the butternut squash soup with a tunafish sandwich and sweet potato fries...

I didn't get a good pic of the sandwich. It looked like pretty basic tuna salad.

I ordered the roasted organic tomato bisque...

And a grilled veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries. The veggies were summer squash and zucchini...

This was a great lunch! My soup was hot and steamy...the flavor was slightly sweet, but rich. The grilled veggie sandwich was perfect, thanks in large part to the crusty baguette. And I can honestly say the sweet potato fries were the b…

shrimp korma

shrimp korma, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. My, my, far the mighty have fallen.

When I used to have lots of spare time, I wrote often about how evil pre-packaged foods were. I categorically snubbed my nose at any and all short cuts involved in getting dinner on the table.

Well, now I don't have any free time. And I'm having to eat a lot of crow. I can't tell you how many times a can of soup has been the quickest route between starvation and dinner before 10pm at our house over the last month and a half.

I found a simmer sauce today that has changed my whole view of jar sauces.

Dev and I drove to Aspen today to check the place out and get a little fresh air.

On the way back, we made our customary stop in Glenwood Springs to get a few groceries. I have become very fond of the Vitamin Cottage- Natural Grocers store in Glenwood. I usually stock up on my favorite fig flavored yogurt there, as well as natural hair and skin care products.

I have been craving In…

Oh yeah- I have a blog!

Oh my gosh...

I can not begin to tell you what the last month has been like. It has been quite the mixed bag of amazing highs and amazing amounts of stress.

I accepted a long term sub position in an 8th grade literacy class. After subbing for 3 weeks, I was officially offered the position permanently Friday. Needless to say, I accepted the position, but wow, has it changed my life.

I haven't had time to cook or knit, which are two of my favorite things to do. The cooking thing especially bothers me. I hate to eat or serve a bunch of pre-fabbed food. However, when I'm at school until 8:00pm, you gotta get something on the table quick. We actually had canned soup for dinner one night last week! How far the mighty have fallen...

Tonight I did manage to make a chicken casserole (again, getting some help from canned cream of mushroom soup). But that was only because I graded papers yesterday. I suppose eventually I'll fall back into a rhythm and get at least some of my li…