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Ga Vacation Day 8


Di, Suz, Dev and I headed out to the beach about 11:00 Tuesday morning. Because I was unable to locate a beach umbrella, I began the process of basting myself every 30 seconds with spf 70 sunscreen. I should explain that I am a pasty white girl who takes medication that makes me even more sensitive to the sun. What fun it is to be me!

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach. I don't particularly like sand. I'm sensitive to the sun and usually scorch myself. On the other hand, there's nothing like sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean...wondering if there's someone on the other side doing the same thing. I feel peaceful when I'm sitting at the beach. Problems get put in perspective. Emotions even out and stress melts away.

Then there's the seagulls....why is there always a one legged seagull in the group?? I don't think I've ever been to the beach when I didn't see one. How does the wind not blow them over?? I always have questions....I think about these things. An excellent candidate for medication, I hear you thinking...

We hung out at the beach for a couple of hours, then headed to another of my favorite places to eat in Savannah- The Crab Shack (Where the Elite Eat in Their Bare Feet).

I like the Crab Shack because they serve seafood the way it should be served...simply boiled. Not boiled until it falls apart. And you can't get anything fried. Don't get me wrong- some things are ok fried (oysters, shrimp, calamari) but sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and dive into a pile of boiled seafood. Informal atmosphere and plenty of paper towels make this a great place to eat! And the view! Our table was so close to Lazaretto Creek I could practically dangle my feet in the water.

I had what I always have...1/2 pound of shrimp and a half pound of crab legs. Suz had the same thing. Di and Dev opted for crab legs only. We all ate well and were fat and happy by the end of the meal. I even bought a Crab Shack tshirt to take back to Colorado!

Dev and I met my friend Jared and his lovely wife Katherine at Toucan Cafe for dinner later that night.

Jared and I have been friends since 2001. He works for Senator Isakson. We met when I worked for Senator Cleland. We even rented a condo together for a couple of years and still managed to remain friends! I always make it a point to catch up with him while I'm home.

The Toucan Cafe is a great place to eat. I have never had a bad meal there. On this particular occasion, I ordered the special- Moroccan Salmon. I wish I could describe it, but I can't. It was sweet and savory at the same time...perfectly cooked medium rare, topped with toasted almonds and served on a bed of couscous. They should put it on the regular menu. It's that good.

We spent a long time talking about old times and updating each other on the status of old friends. Again, I feel so fortunate to have such good friends in my life.

Day 8 came to a close with a full stomach and a happy heart!


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