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Ga Vacation Day 3

What is it about vacations that make us so lazy?? Perhaps I should not assume everyone else is lazy on vacation. I guess people fall into one of two categories when it comes to vacation. You are either like me, and consider yourself off duty for that period of time- which includes defying any sort of set in stone schedule. Or, you are like other people, who are so eager to squeeze every little thing in that they are busier on vacation than they are during their normal work week. I just don't get that.

Anyhoo...I think we woke up Thursday morning about 9:30am. I can't remember the last time we slept that late. It was soooo nice!

We had quick breakfast (cereal), then got on with our day. We headed out to deliver some paperwork I needed filled out so I can apply for my Colorado Teaching Certificate.

The first stop was Armstrong Atlantic State University. I had completed courses there for 2 certifications- but transcripts apparently aren't enough to prove this, so I had to take a form to the Dean of the College of Education (who doesn't know me from Adam's Housecat) and have her pull my transcripts and sign it. Of course, that couldn't be done while I stood there, so we left the form with the receptionist. We put Dev's parents' address on the paperwork, because at that point we knew we weren't going to be in Alamosa long when we got home, but we didn't have an address in Rifle yet. How much more difficult can a situation get?

After a close call with the parking police on campus at AASU, we continued on to Bethesda Home for Boys.

I've spent most of my professional teaching career thus far teaching at the school on campus at Bethesda. So many of my happy memories live there...and it's always good to go back. In a lot of ways, I leave a little tiny piece of my heart there everytime I go back. Had life not taken me down a different road, I bet I'd still be there, having fun and torturing boys with history!

I was happy to see Terry and Elizabeth still there, in the administration office. I was also lucky to catch David as I was leaving. It was great to be welcomed back warmly. And it was also great to find out Terry could get the form filled out for me before we left to go back to Colorado.

After tripping down memory lane for a few minutes, I called Diane so Dev and I could meet up with her at her house to go to lunch.

Di had just recently been out to Colorado to visit (and attend our wedding), but considering that before I moved, we were practically inseparable- it seemed like forever since I'd seen her. If you are lucky enough to have true blue friends in your life, you know exactly what I'm talking out. But as always, it took less than 5 seconds for things to get back to normal, and for us to act like we didn't know we lived 1700 miles apart now. The best part of all this is that Dev really likes Di and her sister, Suz. They are two of my closest friends and it's so nice when everyone gets along and genuinely likes to hang out together!

But I digress...

We decided after a little conversation, we should go to the Middle Eastern Cafe for lunch. This is one of my favorite places to eat in Savannah! Not only is the food amazing (everything is made from scratch by the owner), but it has entertainment value all on its own. The owner is such a hoot! He knows us, and when we come in he always tells us what's been going on. He grouses about paying bank fees, or how Americans think everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist. I know that doesn't sound very funny (and really, who likes paying banking fees or being treated differently?) but listening to him get all wound up about it is highly entertaining. Then, when he's done airing his grievances, he rattles off the drink menu. These 5 seconds are the best thing about the visit. He has this down to a science. He shoots out a list of about 12 things in rapid fire succession- making it sound like one word. I can't possibly describe it. You have to go and hear it for yourself.

Di ordered her usual- chicken souvlaki, I think. Dev ordered his usual- a gyro plate. I ordered the falafel. I always take forever to order, because everything is so good! I could have ordered the appetizer sampler (skordalia, hummus, eggplant spread and tzadziki (sp)), or the gyro plate, or the moussaka or the spanikopita...but I ordered the falafel. It is the best falafel on the planet. It really is. He makes it right there in the kitchen...crunchy on the outside, but creamy on the inside....Yummie! I ordered it with feta in addition to all the wonderful veggies in the wrap. And he makes really good sweet tea, which he has to if he's going to be successful in the restaurant business in the south!

After lunch we waddled around downtown Savannah for a little while. We shopped in Nourish and the Savannah Bee Company Store, before heading back to Di's.

That evening I decided to cook some seafood for my parents (keeping in mind my goal of eating as much seafood as possible while home). I went to this little store around the corner from my parents' house called Southside Shellfish. After looking around at what they had, I picked some flounder fillets.

I wanted to choose a cooking method that would let the fish shine through, so I just seasoned the fish with salt and pepper, then put sliced lemons, tomatoes and onions on top and baked the fish until it was flakey.

I thought it was good, but Dev wasn't that pleased. I think he objected to the strong fish flavor of the flounder. Di told me later I should have soaked the fish in milk for a little while before I cooked it. This evidently removes some of the fishy flavor. I also could have removed the skin before cooking it. Oh well- I probably won't get my hands on anymore fresh flounder until I visit again next year, so I'll try to remember those hints!


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