Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Pork Chops in the World!

Seriously, these kicked some butt. And the thing about it is, yet again, this was one of those nights when I really didn't have a game plan. I had about half an hour to get dinner on the table before Dev had to leave for class, and I had defrosted 2 pork rib chops.

I suppose you could do this with boneless loin chops, but I don't think the boneless chops have the same flavor that these do. I know the boneless ones are leaner and all that, but when I crave a pork chop, I want something with some flavor (and something that won't dry out the minute any heat is applied).

So here's what I did....

When I got home I rubbed the chops with some dry rub, then immediately started the potatoes. I diced 4 large russet potatoes (I usually use red skin, but I didn't have any today) and dropped them in a pot with enough water to cover, 2 bay leaves and about 3 smashed cloves of garlic.

I let them simmer/boil for about 15 minutes. After draining the potatoes and picking out the bay leaves, I put the potatoes and the garlic in my mixer with half a stick of butter and 4oz of softened cream cheese. I know, not exactly low cal, but OH SO GOOD.

I put the potatoes back in the pot on low heat and moved on to the chops.

I had already dry rubbed them with Penzey's BBQ 3000. I really like this spice blend. I have tried it on beef and chicken as well, and it always lends a very nice flavor. It does contain salt, so when I use it, I don't salt the meat in addition to the rub.

After letting them sit while I made the potatoes, I heated a 12 inch skillet over medium heat and added a few tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil was nice and hot I added the chops and let them sear on the first side about 5 minutes. Then I flipped them and let the other side go about 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, I glazed them with some home made jalapeno jelly Dev made over the summer and preheated the broiler. After the 4 minutes, I slid the skillet under the broiler and let the glaze get a little dark.

When it was all said and done, I piled some mashed potatoes in the middle of the plate and popped one of the chops on the top.

I'm telling you, this was insanely good. The chops were cooked perfectly and were so juicy I couldn't believe it.

If you aren't a pork person, try this with some bone in chicken breasts. I bet it would be equally fabulous!!!
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