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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes......

I've been thinking about adding some weekly features to this blog. I've also been not sleeping a lot lately, so I've had plenty of time to think things up.

I was thinking the other night about why I like cooking so much. There are many reasons for it, I'm sure. The two most important ones, however, are:

1. My family cooked a lot. During the holidays, gatherings were usually held at our house because my mom and dad liked to cook for a crowd. They owned a catering business, and because of that, cooking in large quantities didn't phase them a bit. Some of my earliest memories of my parents involve cooking- my dad making home made blueberry pancakes and my mom baking and decorating birthday cakes (both for us and other kids at school).

2. I began watching cooking shows when I was fairly young. Cooking was a form of entertainment for me- both from the sheer enjoyment of watching the ingredients come together magically, and from listening to my mothers editorial comments about the presenter or the ingredients.

The second reason has prompted me to add a new feature to the blog. Each week I will profile another "Pioneering TV Chef"- at least until I run out of them. This means the feature will last at least 4 or 5 weeks.

I'm not talking about the Emerils or the Alton Browns (although I'm a HUGE Alton fan). I'm talking about the people who had small, low budget cooking shows, usually broadcast through PBS affiliates. These people were cooking on TV before it was fashionable. They were the true pioneers. Some of them are mentioned by today's food celebrities as influences.

Another thought that sprang from the "Pioneering TV Chefs" feature, was to review a cookbook each week. For the weeks when I'm featuring a tv chef, I'll try to review one of his/her cookbooks (if I can find one). I am in the process of developing a template to use for this, so each post will have common themes. Perhaps that will make it easier to compare books.

So be on the lookout for these new features, and please tell me what you think. You can even make suggestions for future posts (chefs and/or cookbooks). My cookbook shelf is crowded enough to keep me going for a while, but I always welcome suggestions!


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