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Not much cooking going on here tonight. Dev had class and I had yoga. Nights like tonight make me so glad I have an extra freezer. I defrosted some chili I made a few weeks ago and served it with some of the mayonnaise biscuits I made for dinner last night.

It occured to me this morning that we have definitely been eating well since we read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. We didn't starve before, but we are being more deliberate in our food choices now. For instance, for breakfast this week I have been eating homemade granola on top of homemade vanilla yogurt. I had no idea yogurt could be this good. I always ate it because I knew it was good for me. Now I eat it because it tastes insane! For lunch today I took a huge salad with homemade white wine vinaigrette and a bowl of the soup I made for dinner last night.

And I can honestly say I'm not slaving away in the kitchen...I'm just planning ahead a little better. We'll see if I can make this change permanent, but I'm hoping I can!


Anonymous said…
Good luck in keeping up the trend...I am planning to do some local shopping this weekend after I get paid - I am going to Davis Produce to see what I can find.
Jenna said…
Hello! I am an Alamosa resident as well and found your blog doing an Alamosa search. Your recipes/pictures look delicious! I was wondering, where do you do yoga here in the valley? We haven't been here long but I haven't heard of any yoga classes.
Mimi said…
Thanks Jenna!
I do yoga at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center, out by the police station. I paid $40 to join the rec center for 3 months, and the class is included. Or- if you don't want to join, you can pay per class (I have no idea how much it is- maybe $3?).
We would love to have you join us...
foodiechickie said…
I agree Mimi. My parents made pretty much everything from scratch or purchased food from speciality stores, who made the food on site. Unfortunetly there are less and less of these stores. Where did you order the ingredients for the cheese?
Mimi said…
We use for our cheese stuff. I think you can also google "cheese queen" and find the website as well.
Jeena said…
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