Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Good Saturday So Far....

Today has been a great day so far.

Dev and I slept in til about 8:30, then I made french toast for breakfast. We got ready to go and went to Monte Vista to look around downtown.

We found a really cool little bead store called "Jeanne's Beads." They were teaching a class on stringing beads while we were there. Classes are offered on Friday evenings and weekends, so I might just go back and learn something new for Christmas gift season...

Then we went to the Alco store. It reminds me a bit of Big Lots. Anyway, we were looking in their gardening section and found the cutest little table and chairs for our stoop- very small, but much classier than plastic lawn furniture. We asked about it because it wasn't marked. It turns out that because the table top had a slight crack, it was more than 50% off. SOLD!! Now it is sitting on our front stoop with a lovely pot of ivy atop it.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get a few things to make spinach dip and guacamole for the bonfire at Tonya's tonight.

I have a feeling this day is only going to get better.......

I'll post pics of the table and the party tomorrow!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Here it is....our beautiful new tent. Looks kinda funny in our living room, but we just couldn't wait to see it!

New Toys!

As of 7:53pm this evening, Dev and I are the proud owners of 1 REI Taj 3 tent and 2 Big Agnes sleeping bags! Dev is blowing up the sleeping bag pads in the living room right now.

Maybe we'll take them and camp out in Tonya and Shane's front yard.... :)

Phil suggested that we all get our tents and hit the trail sometime soon. I think he's right!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Missing Old Friends

I just read my friend Diane's blog. It made me sad. She was bemoaning her loneliness and lack of projects during her summer vacation. It used to be that I had summers off as well and we would embark on the "Calvalcade of Fun." This usually meant we did a lot of really good cooking, laid around on the couch and watched a lot of tennis, went to Sand Gnats games (minor league baseball) and drank lots of beer. It's easier to do nothing when you have a good friend to help you be lazy. I miss that. I miss her. Sometimes I wish she would move here and meet my new friends and we could all be together and happy.

Busy, Productive Days

Today was a very busy day. Our office manager is on vacation, so even though we have someone coming in to answer the phones, it still means I'm busier than usual.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I probably won't escape early like I usually do on Fridays (because the deadline for parade entries is tomorrow at 5pm, and I'm expecting a steady stream of them right up until then). But I have a very pleasant weekend planned, so I don't mind.

REI called today and our tent will be arriving much earlier than planned. Yay!

Saturday we are going to a farewell firepit party at Tonya and Shane's. Looking forward to the social opportunity, but I know it will be kinda hard for Tonya. My plan is to drive her crazy and be on her doorstep constantly after she moves in town. She won't have time to miss her other place!

I made a yummie dinner tonight- Greek Orzo Shrimp Salad. I forgot to take pics, but it sure was beautiful and tasted great. Maybe I'll whip up another batch to take to the party Saturday. Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today was a pretty good day, in spite of an overall lack of sleep last night.

Work went well, and after work, we went and bowled a game. Usually Wednesdays are the unofficial Ethos Media Bowling League nights. Tonya and Shane couldn't make it this week, so Phil, Dev and I went for a little while.

I actually got the article written about the Chamber FAM tour. It turned out to be quite long. Tonya suggested we run it as a series on the Alamosa blog. So check there soon to read the installments.

I think I'm falling asleep, so I am going to lay down before it wears off...


Still can't sleep. So I went and got the camera and took a quick pic of myself wearing my new glasses and listening to Depeche Mode on my pandora list. Looking very Lisa Loeb-ey I do say. :)

Insomnia (again)

I really hate it when I can't sleep.......

So I'm sitting here using the stereo headphones to listen to my radio station. I wanted to listen to my imeem playlist, but it seems most of the music I chose for my lists has reverted to 30 second bits, and I hate that. I wonder why that happens? Maybe because I haven't listened in quite a while....who knows.

I'm also thinking of things I need to do for work. I always do that when I can't sleep. For instance, I'm thinking I need to make sure I re-work the Excel spreadsheet for RPD to reflect new Steering Committee members. I also need to send the Master Funders List to the Steering Committee. I need to make sales calls for my group tour leads. I need to make sure I don't need to do anything else as far as traffic control for the Independence Day Parade. I need to call more tent rental places to get prices for a concert coming up in September. I need to touch base with 2 different people on group tours/conventions coming to Alamosa between now and the end of September. Geez....Oh yeah- and there's the newsletter articles to write about the Chamber FAM Tour and the 100 Years of SLV Reservoirs and the Independence Day Parade.

One bright spot- I got my new glasses today. I got a pair of normal glasses as well as my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. Pretty groovy if I do say so myself. For the past few weeks (since I made the decision to give my eyes a break from contact lenses for a while) I have been wearing my sunglasses over the top of my regular glasses. Not a fashionable choice, I can assure you.

My pandora station is playing Arcadia's "Election Day." I am such a child of the 80's. I love this stuff.

So we ordered a cool tent from REI today. Hopefully it will be here by Tuesday, so we can sneak off somewhere next weekend (after the freakin' Independence Day Parade) and camp. I would like to go somewhere between South Fork and Creede along the Rio Grande River. We checked out campsites there a few weeks ago and found some right along the river. How cool would it be to fall asleep listening to the river gurgling right outside your tent?

I think this weekend we are going to our friends Tonya and Shane for the last fire pit at their house at the Zapata Ranch. They are moving in town to make things better for their kids and more convenient for their work schedule. I don't think Tonya's really happy about it because she doesn't like suburban neighborhoods. I'm pretty stoked about it because it means we will see them more often.

And tomorrow is Wednesday, which means BOWLING!!!! The unofficial Ethos Media Bowling Team will be at it again. This time we will add POOL to the list of festivities. So far the list is bowling, much deserved beer drinking, and pool. I'd say that's a pretty impressive Wednesday evening.

Now it's Fine Young Cannibals. I love them, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Field Trips!

Today was a fun day. Barb, Joe and I went on a tour of the north side of the Valley. We were joined by Rick from the Alamosa Bus Company. The idea was to go play tourist, so when the real tourists come in the Visitors Center asking questions about these places, we can answer them.

I am not going to go into serious detail about the trip, because I am writing a piece for the Alamosa Blog about it, but when I'm done with it, I'll link to it here so you all can read it.

However, I will post a few pics here so you will get the idea....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Trip

This weekend, Dev and took off for Colorado Springs. It was a really good trip, allergies not withstanding...

We left Saturday morning after a breakfast of home-made buttermilk pancakes. We got to our destination around 12:30ish. After driving around for a little while, we decided to stop for lunch at Tomo Sushi on Academy Boulevard. I hadn't had real sushi in a long time (like since I left Savannah), so it was incredible! I had salmon and unagi nigiri, one tempura roll with avacado, crab cream cheese and a roll with crab and asparagus. Dev had some kind of bento box.

After lunch we wandered around town and went to the REI store (where I purchased my first Nalgene water bottle), Barnes and Noble, Borders, Whole Foods (where I purchased Spanish chocolate, parmesan/rosemary crackers, mushroom brie, real maple syrup and some Thai mixes), Target (where I purchased allergy medicine), the Citadel Mall (where I purchased some Clarins powder), Sam's Club (where I purchased 2 pairs of eye glasses), and Jared Jewelers.

We had dinner at a place called the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company. I have to say it was one of the best dinners out I've ever had, and that's saying something. For starters, Dev and I split a bowl of smoked gouda/ale soup. It was so creamy and cheesy! Dev ordered the special, which was flank steak with some sort of fruit barbecue sauce, garlic mashed potatoes with bleu cheese and perfectly cooked fresh green beans. I ordered the wild mushroom vegetable pot pie. It was perfect! There were tons of mushrooms in it- very few peas, carrots and potatoes. The sauce had a hint of wine and was the perfect consistency...and the crust was a wonderful multi-grain pie crust (double crust I might add). Dinner was so good we forgot to save room for dessert!

The next morning we got up and tracked down some breakfast, then drove out to the Garden of the Gods. It was really beautiful, but I have to say I was disappointed that we were able to drive through it. It takes something away from the natural beauty of the place when you are looking at it from inside a car, in a line of bumper to bumper traffic. The best way to see the place would be to dress and pack for hiking and leave the car in the visitors center parking lot.

After that we went to a place called Rock Ledge Ranch. It is a living history center. I know I'd get it wrong if I tried to accurately describe what it represents. But it is a great place to visit, with lots of hands on stuff, and plenty of knowledgeable staff around to answer questions.

I have posted a few pics here, but the rest are on my flickr page.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Sandals!!!

I just bought a pair of new sandals.

I love them. Just wearing them makes me feel more outdoorsy. I got to wear them this weekend for the first time.

I think the thing I like most about them is that they don't have a strap that runs between my big toe and my next toe. Most womens' sandals have that. I'm not sure why designers think women want that. Most guys' sandals don't have that. I think it's a conspiracy to keep women uncomfortable.

Anyway, I'm not uncomfortable anymore because of my new sandals. As a result of this purchase, I have retired my black flip flops. This is kind of sad, because as my close friends know, my black flip flops are the first and surest sign of the arrival of summer. But now it will be easier for me to sneak up on people, cuz I don't flap in my new sandals. So watch out!

The BBQ from Hell...

I am pleased to announce that I have survived what I consider to be a major life test.

As part of my job as convention and group tours manager, I was assigned the planning of a BBQ for 500 firefighters. I'm sure there are people in the world who wouldn't bat an eyelash at such an assignment. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people.

The funding for this event was always a little on the squishy side, so from the get go I wasn't sure what kind of a budget I had to work with. Add to that the fact that I've NEVER PLANNED AN EVENT IN MY LIFE other than having friends over to watch a baseball game- I think you are starting to get the picture.

I did not get a decent night's sleep for the month leading up to this BBQ. The inevitable thermo-nuclear meltdown occured the day before the event, when someone who was genuinely trying to help me because I was in over my head asked if the electrician should run 110 or 220 volt electricity to the soccer field. After loudly announcing I had no idea, I hung up the phone and then burst into tears. Needless to say, Dev got the short end of the stick, like he always does. He just stood there and watched while I slowly sniffed and whimpered my way back to sanity.

After all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, the event went just fine. Other than a few scares with the weather (including gale force winds and a pretty sharp temperature drop), every one ate and laughed and had a good time.

My friend Tonya was there to help out, just like she always is. Even though I didn't have a lot of stuff for her to do, she was there for moral support, which is always nice. I hope she knows I am willing to do the same for her when she needs me to.

I have posted a few pics of the event here. I have others on my flickr page.

I'm just glad the dirn thing is over!

Rainy Night

It's raining just hard enough outside for me to hear it hitting the roof. Under normal circumstances I'd consider this prime sleeping weather. Unfortunately, I am having a touch of insomnia tonight, so I'm watching the rain outside the window while I write in my blog.


As soon as I made that post about not being able to hyperlink, the hyperlink in that post just worked......weird voodoo is afoot.

Hyperlinking for Dummies

How come my hyperlink thingie won't work???? I did it just like my friend Tonya told me to, but when I preview the post, the link never works. But when I write out the address instead of hyperlinking, it works just fine. Hmmmmmmmmm...

Long Time No Blog

It has been forever since I sat down to divest my crowded mind of thoughts and comments. I really need to be better about doing that. I think it's better for me to debrief at the end of the day.
Anyway, I have lots to catch up on. We have survived the BBQ from hell and we also had a nice long weekend at Dev's parents up in Montrose, CO. I took pics of both events, and am in the process of posting them on my flickr account- so go check them out! It's at I will post a few here as well, to spice up the blog entries.
As soon as I'm done with my dinner, I'll be back to blog some more!
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