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Thanksgiving 2007

DSC00940, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Well...Turkey Day is under our belts, and we are careening wildly towards Christmas.
Dev and I went to his parents' house for Thanksgiving this year. We had a huge meal at his Uncle George and Aunt Lou's. I got to meet Dev's cousin Scott and his fiancee Kelly.
And Friday morning, we woke up to about 3.5 inches of snow! The first real snow fall of the year. It made it seem more like the holidays for everything to be under a blanket of white.
You can see more of my turkey day pics on my flickr page.
I'll write more later when I'm not tired......

Playing Catch-Up

I only worked 2 days this week, but it seems like a lot more. The kids were at their creative best.

All the classes in our building have been doing units on Native Americans. One of the little girls in my morning class brought in some artifacts collected by her grandfather. She stood up in front of the class and this is what she said (I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...)
"These are Indian rocks. I got them from my grandpa's trailer because Indians used to live in there."

Later the same day, I'm at my duty station on the playground during lunch, when a little boy calls me over to the sandbox. He tells me that his leg hurts. I ask him why. He answers "Because I have to go to the bathroom." I asked him what that had to do with him having to go to the bathroom. He said he didn't know- it just did. I told him to go use the bathroom. Ten minutes later, he comes to find me on the playground and tells me his leg doesn't hurt anymore.

We leav…

Beautiful Day for a Cook-Out

DSC00911, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Dev and I went to a cook out this afternoon. His boy scout troop was learning to build fires, then cook.
We feasted on bratwursts, chips, hot chocolate and smores.

And I must say, the weather was perfect- cold enough for a fire, but not cold enough for my feet to go numb!

Movies, Movies, Movies

Dev and I were given a gift subscription to Netflix for Christmas (thanks, Chris!). So we went to to fill our list with thoughtful, provocative films we had never seen before and would probably NEVER see around here. Unfortunately, this downgraded quickly into an exercise in futility. You really don't know a person until you try to make a netflix list with them. I kept suggesting film title, and he kept saying "That's fine," or "whatever you want." I want discourse....I want discussion....I want a list that reflects BOTH our tastes. Ugh.

We only managed to get 2 movies on our list, both of which have been shipped and watched. The first was "Mrs. Brown," with Judy Dench (one of my alltime faves) and Billy Connolly. I really liked the movie. It was one of those sweeping period pieces with the big costumes and accents and all that stuff. It was kinda long, and took a while to get wound up, but overall I thought it was really…


I've been doing a bit of re-organizing this weekend, which has led to 2 different projects.

The first project has been to list all the books I've read (in recent memory, of course) on a database called I think this is cool because you can share book lists with people, and do searches based on similar characteristics of books, and so on. You can write reviews of books and make recommendations. In other words, it's a great way to spend a weekend. I went through my book shelf and pulled the books I read from there, and also made a list of books I've read with my book club that I either borrowed or checked out from the library. I'm nowhere near finished, but it's been great remembering some of the great books I've read.

The second project sprang from the simple act of picking up a Penzey's Spices catalogue. I have made a list of all the spices I wish I had in my pantry (and would buy if I could afford them). Here's the list s…

The Blender of Love.....

The Blender of Love....., originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Here is my dream blender, given to me for my birthday by my most wonderfulest boyfriend.
I also got a package from my parents. My mom had sent me a set of beautiful earrings and a necklace, made by a local artist in Savannah.
Earlier tonight, Tonya and Shane joined Dev and I for dinner at St. Ives (a little dive bar on Main Street). I think they have the best hand cut french fries in Alamosa. Tonya brought a cake along to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time talking and dreaming of places we'd like to live. When the conversation turned to celebrity butt-plugs and plain brown paper packages, we decided to leave before we offended everyone in the place.
Happy Birthday memories......all I need now is my tiara.