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A Quick Trip to Del Norte

Saturday, Dev and I drove to Del Norte to go to the Rio Grande County Museum. Dev is working on a Colorado History paper, and he went to see if there was anything or anyone at the museum to help him out.

Whilst in Del Norte, we decided to have lunch. This is where we stopped:

That's right. Boogie's Restaurant. I'd love to tell you this was a wonderful little find. But it really wasn't. Dev and I both had burgers, which were ok, but we were also semi-sick for the rest of the day. It could be a coincidence...

On the way home, we stopped by the beginning of the Old Spanish Trail. I took a few shots and loaded them on my flickr page.


Today was my first official payday at my new job. I ran down to my mailbox and found my paystub sitting there, smiling at me. About 30 minutes later, there is an announcement over the loudspeaker....something about some problems with direct deposit...funds won't actually be available until tomorrow...
It was a good thing I wasn't flat broke!
Monday is the beginning of October...AND my insurance goes into effect....YAY!!!! I haven't had insurance since I left GA. It will be nice not to have to panic everytime I feel sick. Luckily, I haven't been sick much lately.
I bought my plane tickets to fly home for Christmas. Flying during the holidays is ridiculously expensive. I could have put a downpayment on a car for what I paid for those tickets. Oh well, it will be worth it to go home and see my family and friends. BUT- I'll be broke!

Mental Floss

So there are a few odds and ends I need to blog about.

I mentioned in my last post that I bought Dev a Cuisinart coffeemaker for his birhday. Here is a pic of it.....

Nice, huh? I think so. It has some nifty features- like you can set the timer, and it will grind the beans and pour them in the hopper and brew the coffee. The only bad thing about it is the caraffe. You would think that after putting so much thought into the design of the bean grinder and coffee brewer, they'd put a mack daddy caraffe on it. Well they didn't. It doesn't pour properly. In fact, it really doesn't pour at all. The inside lip is too wide, so the coffee just kind of tumbles over the lip in the general direction of your cup. But, even considering that, it's a nice coffee maker. AND- it's the back up on my snooze alarm.

In other news.....tonight is Dev's first Cub Scout meeting. Here's a pic of him in his uniform shirt.... He is so cute!!!!! So this morning in class we worked with …

Endings and New Beginnings!!!

Rural Philanthropy Days is over. It was a ton of work, but it was so worth it.

Now I can begin to enjoy my new job and reap some of the benefits of a much simpler schedule. I still have things to do to wrap up RPD, but nothing like the pressure I've been under for the last month.

Devin's birthday has come and gone, and I feel guilty because I didn't make as big a deal of it as I wanted to. His parents came to visit, so that was good, but I had planned to celebrate more. I just kept getting RPD calls (because the event began Sunday). I did manage to get his gift ordered, and it even came before his birthday! I bought him a Cuisinart coffee maker.

I am looking forward to having more time to blog and take pictures. I am considering upgrading cameras, but don't want to spend the money. My friend Tonya has offered her camera while I try to make up my mind. She is upgrading as well, and her old camera is way better than what I have now. Whichever way it goes, hopeful…

I Survived!!

Holy Cow what a week!!

I think I am really going to enjoy my job with the little crappers. I end the day dead tired, but everyday I see or hear something that makes me laugh, and that's a good thing.

It seems like I have lived the last 6 months of my life waiting for this thing or that thing to be over before I can be happy. To my credit, I have made some decisions and acted on them to improve things, but as usual, I find myself wishing for RPD to be over so I just have one job. It's not that I don't like the people I'm working with for RPD. It's more like I don't have the energy to do both things well. Luckily, RPD happens next weekend, so the end is in sight. There is another smaller event in October, but nothing like what we've pulled off so far.

To briefly recap my first week in little crapper land, I will offer the following advice and/or commentary:

1- NEVER drink out of a water fountain in an elementary school. I have watched 100's of little k…

On the Verge of a Grand New Adventure...

So today was my last full day at the Chamber. Although I will still be the coordinator for Rural Philanthropy Days, I will not be the Convention manager. This is a good thing for me. It was making me into a nervous wreck.

To celebrate, I came home and made......a frozen pizza.

Tomorrow I begin my new life as a kindergarten paraprofessional. I think the blog is going to benefit greatly from this career change.....

Busy Weekend

It's Labor Day Weekend, and there is a bunch of stuff going on in the Valley.

Saturday morning, Dev and I had breakfsast (the french toast challenge from Di at my other blog) and took our bikes out for a spin. First, we headed to the Valley Farmers Market....

Then we headed to the Quasi-Grand Opening of the San Luis Valley Museum. It was pretty cool. I never saw it in it's original building, but I heard pretty crappy comments about it from several people. The new building is nice. The displays were nice, and most of them even had something to do with the Valley. Some didn't, and had no information that might help a person figure out why they (the displays) were there.

The big event of the day was the Early Iron Festival. This is one of the bigger deals in the Valley. Hundreds of car enthusiasts converge in Cole Park to oooooo and ahhhhhhhh over lots of beautifully restored antique cars. I took a few pics.....

Pretty full, huh? I took this from the footbridge leading into the p…