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Insomnia (again)

I really hate it when I can't sleep.......

So I'm sitting here using the stereo headphones to listen to my radio station. I wanted to listen to my imeem playlist, but it seems most of the music I chose for my lists has reverted to 30 second bits, and I hate that. I wonder why that happens? Maybe because I haven't listened in quite a while....who knows.

I'm also thinking of things I need to do for work. I always do that when I can't sleep. For instance, I'm thinking I need to make sure I re-work the Excel spreadsheet for RPD to reflect new Steering Committee members. I also need to send the Master Funders List to the Steering Committee. I need to make sales calls for my group tour leads. I need to make sure I don't need to do anything else as far as traffic control for the Independence Day Parade. I need to call more tent rental places to get prices for a concert coming up in September. I need to touch base with 2 different people on group tours/conventions coming to Alamosa between now and the end of September. Geez....Oh yeah- and there's the newsletter articles to write about the Chamber FAM Tour and the 100 Years of SLV Reservoirs and the Independence Day Parade.

One bright spot- I got my new glasses today. I got a pair of normal glasses as well as my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. Pretty groovy if I do say so myself. For the past few weeks (since I made the decision to give my eyes a break from contact lenses for a while) I have been wearing my sunglasses over the top of my regular glasses. Not a fashionable choice, I can assure you.

My pandora station is playing Arcadia's "Election Day." I am such a child of the 80's. I love this stuff.

So we ordered a cool tent from REI today. Hopefully it will be here by Tuesday, so we can sneak off somewhere next weekend (after the freakin' Independence Day Parade) and camp. I would like to go somewhere between South Fork and Creede along the Rio Grande River. We checked out campsites there a few weeks ago and found some right along the river. How cool would it be to fall asleep listening to the river gurgling right outside your tent?

I think this weekend we are going to our friends Tonya and Shane for the last fire pit at their house at the Zapata Ranch. They are moving in town to make things better for their kids and more convenient for their work schedule. I don't think Tonya's really happy about it because she doesn't like suburban neighborhoods. I'm pretty stoked about it because it means we will see them more often.

And tomorrow is Wednesday, which means BOWLING!!!! The unofficial Ethos Media Bowling Team will be at it again. This time we will add POOL to the list of festivities. So far the list is bowling, much deserved beer drinking, and pool. I'd say that's a pretty impressive Wednesday evening.

Now it's Fine Young Cannibals. I love them, too.


Diane said…
Feel good about not being able to sleep because you are working hard - I can't sleep because I can't find work and am broke, broke, broke....dig the new glasses.
Tonya said…
IMEEM did that to me too - I think they suck you in and get you all excited about the music, then snatch it back to a 30 second sound byte so you'll buy the CD instead. GRRRR.

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