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Well folks, at least it's a short week.

My day actually wasn't horrible. I am slowly figuring out that I need to quit worrying about things or I'm going to drive myself insane. Today I started down that road (the not worrying one- not the going insane one).

Lazy Day

We did absolutely nothing today. We didn't even roll out of bed until 10:00am.
Of course, I think it's good to do that every once in a while. Unfortunately, we were both feeling cruddy (we are passing a cold back and forth).
I did manage to produce a respectable dinner. We had portobello mushroom slices, fresh tomato and basil with a white wine vinaigrette, and lightly fried cheese/lemon zest ravioli.
So now I'm watching some show on the technology behind Star Wars. Selfishly, I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. But I don't think I could hack another day on the couch.
Anyway- that's what I've done today.

Ways to Waste a Whole Day

In addition to creating imeem playlists all day, you could also visit this site:
I have received this site from 2 of my friends, Lizard and Tonya. Both times I've gone to the site, I have wasted countless hours looking at the pics and reading the captions. Basically, people send in funny pics of cats and someone puts funny captions on them.
Tons of fun..........

Another one of the neat things I've discovered through my association with my techy friends is
I have made several playlists to correspond to my many moods. This is a great way to waste an entire day. But it will take you on a great little trip down memory lane. I made a list of retro 80's music, a list of songs to clean house to, a list of songs I just like, and a list of songs for when I'm feeling angst-ridden or thoughtful.
I highly recommend this sight. For fun, you should search the playlists and listen to what other people have chosen. I pretty much cribbed half of my lists from my friend Tonya's playist.

Great fun for the whole family! Go to

Peer Pressure

Many of my new friends here in the Valley (although really, some of them are from far away, but I talk to them almost everyday), are very techno-savvy. They all have blogs and expensive SLR cameras and they take beautiful pics. They do things like design websites and write complicated code and other horribly productive and useful things. I pretty much just show up in their chat room and make snarky comments and complain about stuff. But so far, they keep letting me in, so for now, I'm safe.
A byproduct of this new situation is that it's making me want to be able to do all the neat things they can do. Although I don't know how to design websites, or write code, and I pretty much take crappy pics, I can still set up a Flickr account and share my crappy photos with the world.
So- one of my goals for this weekend is to set up a flickr account and go through my photos and put them online.
I have opened the account, and have a few pics posted. To see my progress, or to help me figu…

Valley Travels

So in spite of the horrendous pressure I've been under lately, Dev and I took off to see a little bit of the Valley this weekend.
Our weekend started off helping set up the first ceremony of the "San Luis Valley Memorial Day Heritage Festival." Things got off to a stressful start, with the hay bale guy showing up late, and no power source to be found for the sound system guy. Luckily, the Chairman of the County Commission made a few calls for me and got a building open so we could get some power. All these things added up in my mind to one inescapable conclusion: I am not a very good event planner. Here is the sad part: I plan events pretty much for a living. Not good, huh?
Anyway, once the ceremony was over, the sound system guy packed up, and the flags were returned to their rightful owner, Dev and I decided to drive to Creede.
The "Taste of Creede" festival was going on there, and I had read a good bit about it. They have a big sidewalk sale, food ve…

Snorting Zycam...

Ok... so the posts from the "Cavalcade of Fun" didn't happen. Sue me.
I hope Suz and Di had a good time while they were here. Unfortunately I couldn't take much time off from work, so I couldn't go run around with them. There's always next year....
I will post some pics from the week around here at some point. No promises.
So I'm "working from home" today because I have somehow acquired a hairy case of the black plague. It's 10:30am and I've already consumed half a gallon of orange juice and swabbed my nasal passages twice with Zycam swabs....and still the snot advances.......more updates after my drug induced mid-morning nap...............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Festive Fellowship of Friends- Cavalcade of Fun 2007

It has been such a great weekend.

It started with a lovely dinner at Pizza Den with Dev and my friend Tonya. After a long, stressful week, it was a much needed respite.
The next morning Dev and Tonya and Sarah and I headed out to view some property. We had a lovely morning picnic on Tonya and Shane's property. Afterwards, we watched Sarah run circles around all of us, and toured around looking at lots for sale.
Saturday afternoon, Di and Suz flew in from Georgia to spend the week with Dev and I. It felt really good to see people from home. It took about 2 seconds for things to get right back to normal, as if 6 months of separation hadn't even happened. Suz and Di unpacked their stuff, allowing for much depressurization, then we were off to dinner at the brew pub. After our meal we went for a short stroll downtown, then headed home to watch tv and act silly.
Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed to the Sand Dunes. Dev, Suz and Di climbed into the Dunes, I held down th…

Busy Days

Personally, I would rather be busy than bored. Today was a busy day.

In my capacity as the Conventions and Group Tours Manager for the Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Chamber's Events committee, I generally get involved with lots of events.

Right now I am juggling quite a few events, and it's driving me crazy. It's not that I mind the work. It's just that so much of my work depends on other people doing their work (or at least showing the courtesy of returning phone calls). This makes for much aggravation.

The events themselves are really cool. There's the barbecue for 500 firefighters, or the pancake breakfast for 150 or so people, or the 4th of July Parade..... I just wish I had equal time to commit to all of them.

Dev is also pretty busy. Yesterday, he started his summer classes. He is taking a Spanish class that is apparently going to be pretty heavy duty.

Additionally, we are thinking about buying some property and perhaps at some time in the …


Alamosa is a train town. Many cities in the west were settled by the railroads.
The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad runs a loop that begins in Alamosa, continues to LaVeta, and returns to Alamosa. The trip lasts from 9am to around 4:45pm. The train officially begins it's season Memorial Day Weekend, and runs through the middle of October. I can't wait to take the trip.
This year will be a bit different. The Rio Grande has purchased a 1901 era steam engine. It will pull the train on weekends and holidays.
The new/old engine was transported to Alamosa from New Orleans via truck. The pieces arrived this morning. I had to go back to the office to sift through piles of email- but Dev was out and about taking the last of his final exams. He took a few neat pics and I have posted them here.

First Cook-Out Burger

This is an out of focus picture of the wonderful hamburger I had for dinner tonight. The burger in question is a PepperJack GuacaBurger. It was cooked by Dev on the front stoop using my charcoal grill.
Maybe Spring will get here after all......