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Taos, NM- Part Two

As we left Streetwalking Emma in the background, once again we were happy to be out on the open road. After a few minutes, we came upon the Shamrock gas station I had been told about. I suggested we stop to get a map, and some gas. I always feel weird about going somewhere new, not knowing exactly how far it is, and having less than a half tank of gas. I know this is a symptom of my neurosis, but I've come to terms with it. Dev is doing his best.
Unfortunately, there was no map. But I did snap a cute picture of this dog that was in the truck at the pump next to us. He had one perky ear and one limp ear. I'm a sucker for that everytime.
Again, we headed out. We were about 65 miles from Taos. We also discovered that we could drive all the way to Sante Fe on this road. It was about another 90 miles south.
Taos is a really neat place. We stopped at an Overland store. It had really nice things that were really overpriced- but cool. I snapped some pics of Dev and myself trying on some merchandise. I'm sure the owners loved that- especially after we left empty handed.
Our next stop was Cid's Food Market. It was set up like a slightly smaller Whole Foods. They had bulk grains and pastas. They had a mack daddy cheese selection. I spent about $20 on things I didn't need, but couldn't live without.
We made our way to the plaza area of downtown Taos. We had picked up a tourist map back at the Overland store. So- we parked the truck and took out on foot.
There are tons of little touristy shops around the downtown area. We finally found our NM map at one of the bookstores. Dev managed to find 2 flyfishing stores. But unfortunately, it was getting late, and we needed to eat some dinner and head for home.
We chose Ogelvie's Grill for dinner. Not the greatest choice ever. I had an almost mediocre chimichanga. Dev ordered enchiladas, and was fairly sure that they were stuffed with Alpo. Seriously, it smelled like dog food.
We walked back to the truck and started the trip back home. The nighttime scenery wasn't quite as spectacular as during the day, but it was still cool. The moon was out, and the landscape was wide open. All you could see were stars and long stretches of open land. It made my thoughts turn to UFO's and alien abductions. Dev was more concerned about elk or deer wandering out into the road. Luckily, we didn't hit any aliens or elk. Although I did tell Dev that the aliens always abduct the non believers first. He doubts this. But then I think he doubts most things I say. That's probably for the best cuz I'm full of crap most of the time... :)


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