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Busy Busy Week

My gosh there are so many things to do this week.

I have been trying to deliver Christmas baskets in addition to preparing to fly home for the holidays.

I can't wait to get home, but I am REALLY dreading the whole airport deal. Last Christmas the Denver airport was a complete mess- I'm hoping history does not repeat itself. I've never flown during the holiday rush before. I hope I don't regret it. But until we come up with another method of travel, this is how it has to be.

The other challenge we face this week is eating everything that might rot while we are gone. This has created some unconventional dinners this week. Maybe this will teach me a lesson about leftover planning and refrigerator packing- but I doubt it.

Well deserved at the end of a long week...

IMG_0673, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Dev and I met Tonya and Shane for dinner tonight at the Pizza Den. It's been a pretty long week and we were ready for some R&R.
Dev took his last exam this morning, so he is a free man (at least until next semester).
It's hard to believe in one week we will be leaving for GA. We will have to dig out our summer clothes before we leave- considering the fact that the low here tonight will be -10, and the highs in Savannah have been in the mid 80's............

Harleez Steakhouse- A Review

Everyone I know in Alamosa has been excited about the prospect of a new restaurant opening here. Especially because this restaurant was not strictly Mexican cuisine. Everyone waited while the old Valley Courier building began the slow tranformation from a newspaper office to a dining establishment.
The day finally arrived, and Harleez Steakhouse has opened for business.
Let me take this opportunity to say that the steakhouse scene in this town is bleak. I mean bleak. I suppose the steaks are ok at the two other steakhouses- but the side items are dismal at best. I'm talking canned corn here. And don't even get me started on the decor. Ancient, torn up carpeting, dark shadowy corners and early 70's formica abound.
Given the state of things, I couldn't wait for the new place to open. I didn't have lofty expectations. I just wanted it to be better than what we already had. I wasn't expecting Ruth Chris or The Famous.
I guess I should also say that the place has been…

Sunset on 12th Street

IMG_0656, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Today was a relatively calm day. No crisis, no problems. Dev cooked ribs for dinner.
Right now I'm making pancakes for breakfast in the morning. I am not a morning person, so all I can manage is nuking them when I get up at 6am. At least they are home-made.....

Playing in the Snow

IMG_0653, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. This is how we spent the last part of our snow day. Check out the flickr page for some more shots of our afternoon walk.

What I Have Done So Far on my Snow Day

I made soup, of course!! And I've been playing with my camera. Dev is at school, taking his Colorado history exam. When he gets home we are going outside to play in the snow!!! Maybe I'll have some fun pics to post this evening.....


IMG_0624, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. My first ever official snow day with the Alamosa School District.....I will check back in later with my list of exploits for the day!

The Christmas Season continues....

Here is a pic of Dev with his boy scout troup. Last night was the boy scout Christmas party/awards ceremony. A grand time was had by all. Sitting with his troup reminded me of my days teaching middle school. It always amazed me when I taught, how the boys were constant sources of jokes- none of which made any sense, but that did not matter. The punchlines were always greeted with gales of laughter from the comedian's peers. Last night we heard several jokes about skeletons- skeletons walking into bars, skeletons knocking on doors, skeletons ordering ribs in restaurants, etc. We had to laugh, if only because of the energetic set up and delivery. Anyway- it was a lovely party and I'm glad I got to be part of it.

Thanksgiving 2007

DSC00940, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Well...Turkey Day is under our belts, and we are careening wildly towards Christmas.
Dev and I went to his parents' house for Thanksgiving this year. We had a huge meal at his Uncle George and Aunt Lou's. I got to meet Dev's cousin Scott and his fiancee Kelly.
And Friday morning, we woke up to about 3.5 inches of snow! The first real snow fall of the year. It made it seem more like the holidays for everything to be under a blanket of white.
You can see more of my turkey day pics on my flickr page.
I'll write more later when I'm not tired......

Playing Catch-Up

I only worked 2 days this week, but it seems like a lot more. The kids were at their creative best.

All the classes in our building have been doing units on Native Americans. One of the little girls in my morning class brought in some artifacts collected by her grandfather. She stood up in front of the class and this is what she said (I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...)
"These are Indian rocks. I got them from my grandpa's trailer because Indians used to live in there."

Later the same day, I'm at my duty station on the playground during lunch, when a little boy calls me over to the sandbox. He tells me that his leg hurts. I ask him why. He answers "Because I have to go to the bathroom." I asked him what that had to do with him having to go to the bathroom. He said he didn't know- it just did. I told him to go use the bathroom. Ten minutes later, he comes to find me on the playground and tells me his leg doesn't hurt anymore.

We leav…

Beautiful Day for a Cook-Out

DSC00911, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Dev and I went to a cook out this afternoon. His boy scout troop was learning to build fires, then cook.
We feasted on bratwursts, chips, hot chocolate and smores.

And I must say, the weather was perfect- cold enough for a fire, but not cold enough for my feet to go numb!

Movies, Movies, Movies

Dev and I were given a gift subscription to Netflix for Christmas (thanks, Chris!). So we went to to fill our list with thoughtful, provocative films we had never seen before and would probably NEVER see around here. Unfortunately, this downgraded quickly into an exercise in futility. You really don't know a person until you try to make a netflix list with them. I kept suggesting film title, and he kept saying "That's fine," or "whatever you want." I want discourse....I want discussion....I want a list that reflects BOTH our tastes. Ugh.

We only managed to get 2 movies on our list, both of which have been shipped and watched. The first was "Mrs. Brown," with Judy Dench (one of my alltime faves) and Billy Connolly. I really liked the movie. It was one of those sweeping period pieces with the big costumes and accents and all that stuff. It was kinda long, and took a while to get wound up, but overall I thought it was really…


I've been doing a bit of re-organizing this weekend, which has led to 2 different projects.

The first project has been to list all the books I've read (in recent memory, of course) on a database called I think this is cool because you can share book lists with people, and do searches based on similar characteristics of books, and so on. You can write reviews of books and make recommendations. In other words, it's a great way to spend a weekend. I went through my book shelf and pulled the books I read from there, and also made a list of books I've read with my book club that I either borrowed or checked out from the library. I'm nowhere near finished, but it's been great remembering some of the great books I've read.

The second project sprang from the simple act of picking up a Penzey's Spices catalogue. I have made a list of all the spices I wish I had in my pantry (and would buy if I could afford them). Here's the list s…

The Blender of Love.....

The Blender of Love....., originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Here is my dream blender, given to me for my birthday by my most wonderfulest boyfriend.
I also got a package from my parents. My mom had sent me a set of beautiful earrings and a necklace, made by a local artist in Savannah.
Earlier tonight, Tonya and Shane joined Dev and I for dinner at St. Ives (a little dive bar on Main Street). I think they have the best hand cut french fries in Alamosa. Tonya brought a cake along to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time talking and dreaming of places we'd like to live. When the conversation turned to celebrity butt-plugs and plain brown paper packages, we decided to leave before we offended everyone in the place.
Happy Birthday memories......all I need now is my tiara.

Halloween Party Favors

DSC00853, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. My morning class has their Halloween Party tomorrow, because they will not have school on Halloween Day. So- I sat down tonight to make some Nutter Butter Snakes to take to the party. They turned out pretty cute.
I am now working on my costume. I am going as a ghost. I purchased a $2.50 white twin sheet from Walmart and am presently trying to figure out how to cut the eye holes in such a way that I can still see to walk.
Tomorrow should be fairly interesting.

Random Thoughts

DSC00847, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. The kids have been doing Halloween art projects all week. I stopped to take pics of a few of them, so mosey over to my flickr page and check them out.
I have been cooking this weekend (as I enjoy doing most weekends). However, this weekend I spent some time cooking a deliverable dinner for a friend of mine who is having her gall bladder removed Monday morning. I figured the last thing she'd want to worry about when she gets home is cooking dinner. So I did what any self-respecting southern girl would do- I made her a chicken casserole and an apple crisp. I hope it makes things a little easier for her during her recovery.
See the food blog for more on the weekend's other culinary projects!


I'm lying on the couch, watching the second game of the World Series. The first game was an absolute disaster. The Red Sox are leading this game 2-1, but I'll take that over last night's massacre.

I really need to be reading, or doing something productive...but NO- I am glued to the TV watching the game. So sad.

I'm still waiting to hear the results of the last round of tests done at the doctor. Maybe we'll find something and it will save me having to have a CT scan. I really don't relish the thought of it. But- I most definitely want the doctor to figure out what's wrong with me. I don't want another 3 days of excruciating abdominal pain.

That's about all I have to say tonight. I hope we win this game....

Snowy Day

I'm sitting in the bedroom, staring out the window. It has been snowing on and off all morning. Nothing is sticking, but it's still neat to see the first snowfall of the season.

Dev has gone to the library to do some work on a paper he has due sometime this week, so I have the apartment to myself. I am taking the opportunity to do some organizing.

Rural Philanthropy Days is over (for the most part), and now I'm trying to gather up all the stuff I accumulated during this process to archive what is necessary and throw out the rest.

I am not, by nature, an organized person. So this is not going smoothly. I will give myself another hour of torture then go do something I like doing, like reading blogs or blogging about all the cooking I've done this weekend.

My thoughts are also preoccupied with my friend Angela and her family. Her brother was seriously injured in an accident over the weekend, and she can't get home to be with him. I know this feeling (at least as fa…

My Mom Is A Genius

I was talking to my mom yesterday. I was pretty tired, and exasperated by the fact that I had horrible heart burn (in spite of only having eaten 2 bites of tofu, 1 piece of steamed broccoli and maybe 3 spoonfuls of steamed rice ALL DAY).

I told her I didn't want to take Tums or Rolaids because I had an ultrasound this morning (I get the results tomorrow- stay tuned) and I didn't want anything to interfere with the test. Besides, I've taken those things in the past and they really aren't that effective for me.

Without skipping a beat, my mother says to put about a half spoonful of baking soda in a small glass and add maybe half a cup of water to it. Down it- and you'll feel better.

So after we hung up I did just that.....and in less than 10 minutes I felt better than I have in about 3 weeks. It could be a coincidence, but I choose not to believe that.

As a result of this epiphany, I have experienced a slight improvement in my appetite. And that's good- because …


I haven't blogged since last Wednesday.

I haven't blogged since last Wednesday because some sort of black plague has been delivered upon me.

The same exact black plague that visited me last November, again this last July, and then this last weekend.

What's the difference, you might ask?

In July, I had no insurance, therefore the fine folks over at the emergency room and the clinic were not willing to run any tests. They wanted to adopt a "wait and see attitude." Right. They weren't the ones who couldn't stand up straight because they were in so much pain.

Today, I had insurance....and a real doctor. Quite a combination indeed. I had a much different experience this time around. 2 tests were run before I left the doctor's office today, with a 3rd scheduled for Wednesday, AND a follow up appointment scheduled for Thursday. And as bonus- the doctor even has a plausible theory about what's wrong with me. She seems to think I have stones in my bladd…

New Reader

I got an email from a new reader last night. Apparently, the mom of the one of the students in my morning class reads Tonya's blog, and found the link to my blog there.

So- WELCOME JAMIE'S MOM! He's a great kid and we have a lot of fun learning new kindergarten stuff together!

Please don't be offended when I refer to kids as "little crappers." Really- it's a term of endearment... :)

Also, welcome to my little corner of the universe. If you are interested in cooking- check out my other cooking blog here.

Fixin' Stuff

You know...

I've lived here for nearly a year. You would think my body would be adjusted to the dry climate by now. Apparently, it isn't.

I have so many issues going on right now, I've decided to tackle one a week until I look human again.

This week is skin week. I look like a 16 year old the night before the prom. My complexion looks horrible. I realize that stress plays a large role in this, as well as my diet, but I'm taking steps to rectify the situation.

Firstly, I'm drinking more water than I ever have. Secondly, I'm trying to get more sleep (those that know me will realize this probably won't happen). Thirdly, well...I can't think of a third thing- but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm wide open.

Next week- Hair 101.


DSC00821, originally uploaded by All Things Mimi. Happy Birthday Dad!!!! We had a great time helping you celebrate your 70th....

A Quick Trip to Del Norte

Saturday, Dev and I drove to Del Norte to go to the Rio Grande County Museum. Dev is working on a Colorado History paper, and he went to see if there was anything or anyone at the museum to help him out.

Whilst in Del Norte, we decided to have lunch. This is where we stopped:

That's right. Boogie's Restaurant. I'd love to tell you this was a wonderful little find. But it really wasn't. Dev and I both had burgers, which were ok, but we were also semi-sick for the rest of the day. It could be a coincidence...

On the way home, we stopped by the beginning of the Old Spanish Trail. I took a few shots and loaded them on my flickr page.


Today was my first official payday at my new job. I ran down to my mailbox and found my paystub sitting there, smiling at me. About 30 minutes later, there is an announcement over the loudspeaker....something about some problems with direct deposit...funds won't actually be available until tomorrow...
It was a good thing I wasn't flat broke!
Monday is the beginning of October...AND my insurance goes into effect....YAY!!!! I haven't had insurance since I left GA. It will be nice not to have to panic everytime I feel sick. Luckily, I haven't been sick much lately.
I bought my plane tickets to fly home for Christmas. Flying during the holidays is ridiculously expensive. I could have put a downpayment on a car for what I paid for those tickets. Oh well, it will be worth it to go home and see my family and friends. BUT- I'll be broke!

Mental Floss

So there are a few odds and ends I need to blog about.

I mentioned in my last post that I bought Dev a Cuisinart coffeemaker for his birhday. Here is a pic of it.....

Nice, huh? I think so. It has some nifty features- like you can set the timer, and it will grind the beans and pour them in the hopper and brew the coffee. The only bad thing about it is the caraffe. You would think that after putting so much thought into the design of the bean grinder and coffee brewer, they'd put a mack daddy caraffe on it. Well they didn't. It doesn't pour properly. In fact, it really doesn't pour at all. The inside lip is too wide, so the coffee just kind of tumbles over the lip in the general direction of your cup. But, even considering that, it's a nice coffee maker. AND- it's the back up on my snooze alarm.

In other news.....tonight is Dev's first Cub Scout meeting. Here's a pic of him in his uniform shirt.... He is so cute!!!!! So this morning in class we worked with …

Endings and New Beginnings!!!

Rural Philanthropy Days is over. It was a ton of work, but it was so worth it.

Now I can begin to enjoy my new job and reap some of the benefits of a much simpler schedule. I still have things to do to wrap up RPD, but nothing like the pressure I've been under for the last month.

Devin's birthday has come and gone, and I feel guilty because I didn't make as big a deal of it as I wanted to. His parents came to visit, so that was good, but I had planned to celebrate more. I just kept getting RPD calls (because the event began Sunday). I did manage to get his gift ordered, and it even came before his birthday! I bought him a Cuisinart coffee maker.

I am looking forward to having more time to blog and take pictures. I am considering upgrading cameras, but don't want to spend the money. My friend Tonya has offered her camera while I try to make up my mind. She is upgrading as well, and her old camera is way better than what I have now. Whichever way it goes, hopeful…

I Survived!!

Holy Cow what a week!!

I think I am really going to enjoy my job with the little crappers. I end the day dead tired, but everyday I see or hear something that makes me laugh, and that's a good thing.

It seems like I have lived the last 6 months of my life waiting for this thing or that thing to be over before I can be happy. To my credit, I have made some decisions and acted on them to improve things, but as usual, I find myself wishing for RPD to be over so I just have one job. It's not that I don't like the people I'm working with for RPD. It's more like I don't have the energy to do both things well. Luckily, RPD happens next weekend, so the end is in sight. There is another smaller event in October, but nothing like what we've pulled off so far.

To briefly recap my first week in little crapper land, I will offer the following advice and/or commentary:

1- NEVER drink out of a water fountain in an elementary school. I have watched 100's of little k…

On the Verge of a Grand New Adventure...

So today was my last full day at the Chamber. Although I will still be the coordinator for Rural Philanthropy Days, I will not be the Convention manager. This is a good thing for me. It was making me into a nervous wreck.

To celebrate, I came home and made......a frozen pizza.

Tomorrow I begin my new life as a kindergarten paraprofessional. I think the blog is going to benefit greatly from this career change.....

Busy Weekend

It's Labor Day Weekend, and there is a bunch of stuff going on in the Valley.

Saturday morning, Dev and I had breakfsast (the french toast challenge from Di at my other blog) and took our bikes out for a spin. First, we headed to the Valley Farmers Market....

Then we headed to the Quasi-Grand Opening of the San Luis Valley Museum. It was pretty cool. I never saw it in it's original building, but I heard pretty crappy comments about it from several people. The new building is nice. The displays were nice, and most of them even had something to do with the Valley. Some didn't, and had no information that might help a person figure out why they (the displays) were there.

The big event of the day was the Early Iron Festival. This is one of the bigger deals in the Valley. Hundreds of car enthusiasts converge in Cole Park to oooooo and ahhhhhhhh over lots of beautifully restored antique cars. I took a few pics.....

Pretty full, huh? I took this from the footbridge leading into the p…

1700 Miles of Sorrow

My friend Di sent me a message today to let me know her pet cat, Scout, had died. I left a message on her cell phone, but something told me she probably wasn't ready to talk about it. Right now the only thing I want to do is be there with her. I know there's nothing I could do or say, but at least I could do for her what she's done for me so many times- just be there to pick up the pieces.
I love you, Di, and I'm so sorry.

Dukes of Hazzard, Twenty Something Years Later...

This weekend I caught several episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard on CMT.

When I was a kid, I NEVER missed an episode. I think it came on Friday nights.

I noticed some things while I re-visited my obsession this weekend.

First- Tom Wopat really wasn't all that. Luke Duke was my favorite, mostly because my sister liked Bo, and I couldn't like the same one she liked! The same thing happened with the Hardy Boys....she liked Shaun Cassidy, so by default I liked Parker Stevenson.

Second- Did you ever notice that when the Duke boys were sliding in the windows of the General Lee, the engine consistently roared to life before they were all the way in the car? Impressive.

Third- The General Lee spent more time airborne than it did rolling on the dirt roads.

Fourth- The people who guest starred as good guys or bad guys on this show were there same ones who you would see again Saturday night on the "Love Boat" or "Fantasy Island."

And another disconcerting thing...T…

Post-Breakfast Glow...

Go over to my other blog and read about my past 2 breakfasts......

So I'm sitting here, basking in the post-breakfast sugar buzz. I am reading the comments that have been left on my last post.

Another thing you can always count on friends doing is helping you keep your priorities straight. I realize that I have a pretty great life. I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me, I have amazing friends both in Savannah and Atlanta and here in Alamosa, and I am embarking on a career switch that will greatly decrease my stress level.

Although I don't get to see or talk to my east coast friends as much as I used to, they are still a huge part of my life. One of the things I'm looking forward to when my free time increases a litte, is having more time to email and call them more often. Not to mention being able to spend more time at home during Christmas break.

So....that's what's on my mind at the moment.

A Little Peace of Mind...

Peace of mind is something I haven't had very much of lately. After grappling with my job change opportunity, and then acting on it, I have emerged from a state of total self-absorption. And I'm noticing that lots of people are making big decisions. On the FRED list, for example, several of my friends are contemplating changes (Toni and the Colorado move, Jen and the situation with her daughter and school testing, Melessa and her job situation, the list could go on and on). I have been hesitant to chime in on these situations, honestly, because I have been so ridiculously wrapped up in my little pity party. But one of the things that's great about friends is running things past them to see what they think. And because they are your friends, you can depend them to tell you what they really think.

One of the changes I am planning to institute along with my career path change, is to be more responsive and open on the FRED list. I can't begin to tell you how amazing this gr…

New Job...

I know I have not been blogging much lately. I have been wrestling with a big decision, and sometimes my thoughts get so tangled, not even blogging through them helps.

I have decided to leave my job at the Chamber of Commerce. I have been the Convention and Group Tour Manager there since March. I feel like I did a good job, but there were lots of skills necessary that are not in my bag of tricks. It can at times be very stressful. I realize that stress is everywhere, but if you have a high level of responsibility and stress, I believe you should be doing something you truly love.

I have accepted a position at Polston Primary School as a kindergarten paraprofessional. This should be interesting...

Business or Pleasure?

So this Thursday, my boss and I left Alamosa for 2 days of meetings. Which wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that they were in Denver. I really don't enjoy Denver. I don't like the traffic or the smog.
Anyway- we went to our meetings in downtown Denver Thursday, then drove to Castle Rock to stay the night and go to more meetings today. But today, we got to go shopping at the Castle Rock outlets afterwards.
Now that was fun. And we didn't get to half of the stores. I bought some stuff for camping, including a folding table and an egg carrier. Plus some other stuff, but I don't want to say before Dev sees it.
It's getting late, and I need to get to bed.

Monday, Monday, Monday

(It was raining on the way out of the Pizza Den)
Needless to say, I didn't cook tonight. We had no groceries in the house.

I think I'm going to start planning weekly menus again. We eat much better when I do that. I simply can't wait til I get home from work to figure out what to make for dinner. That's how Pizza Den happens. I have nothing against Pizza Den- they have wonderful pizza. I just think there's no reason why I can't make equally wonderful things at home.

Anyway, that's what I'm going to try to do. I will probably post them on my food blog. Maybe that way I'll stay with it. Stay tuned......

Oh Yeah...

One more thing about the camping trip. I have another golden quote from Dev (right up there with the "desperate" incident).

We are holed up in the tent Saturday afternoon as the rain is pouring down. There is a great thunderstorm bouncing around. When the rain started, we managed to grab a bag of potato chips, a piece of chocolate and a bottle of wine. As we are lying there, listening to the sound of the rain hitting the top of the tent (which, to me, is very romantical), Dev says.....

"Drink some more- you're not easy enough."

Blog Pics

I have made an executive decision. I am no longer going to fight with this site about placing blog photos. I finally figured out how to do it, but it's just such a big pain in the ass, I don't feel like it. So from now on, I am going to upload all my photos to flickr and link to it.

If any of my new-found techie friends would like to enlighten me on how to make the blog photo thing less painful, then please leave a comment and help me!!

Camping 101

I just returned from my first camping trip in, oh....say... 10 years?
The last time I went camping, I was with Diane, and we ate well, but spent both nights sleeping in a jeep because the first night it rained and we had a tent full of water, and the second night because we had left food in the tent and it was full of ants. To see the rest of the pics from this trip, go here.
Dev and I left Alamosa around 5:30 Friday afternoon, anticipating the fun that awaited us in South Fork. We had decided to go to a forest service campground between South Fork and Creede. I believe the name of it is Palisades. So much cheaper than a hotel.....$16 per site per night! And it was so beautiful. For apartment dwellers, it was a much needed respite from the loud music of our daily lives. Had it not been for the sound of the generator powering the HUGE HULKING HOLIDAY INN ON WHEELS next to us, all we could hear was the rushing of the mighty Rio Grande River. Thank god they didn't run in all the time.


Dev and I are headed out for a camping trip this weekend- my first in a long, long time. We have the tents and sleeping bags packed, as well as lanterns and cook stoves and all that other camping stuff.
I have quite a few things to blog about, I just haven't had time. I was out of the office on Monday, and it seems like I've played catch up ever since. I suppose it would be defeating the purpose of camping if there was wifi out in the woods.....

Have you done FRED yet??

I have. And I totally enjoyed myself.

This weekend I had a very unique experience. I was invited to attend a FRED. What's a FRED, you ask?

A FRED is like a girlfriend getaway mashed together with summer camp mashed together with a college dorm.

I met 8 brand new friends this weekend. Prior to Friday afternoon, I had no idea any of them existed.

A few months ago, Tonya asked me if I wanted to go on a girls' vacation with a friend of hers (Toni) and some other ladies. They were getting away to a cabin up near Salida, CO. Naturally, I said I would love to.

Fast forward a few months, and T and I are climbing in her mini-van, bound for Salida! I wasn't sure what to expect, since T was the only person I would know out of the group- plus Toni was the only person T knew. All my concerns were put by the way-side very soon after arriving at the cabin. Within minutes we were all laughing and talking and letting our hair down. The other ladies there were members of a mom's group. They …


Do you remember that ketchup commercial from when we were kids? I don't remember the brand (it was probably Heinz) but I remember the song. It's going through my mind right now.
I found an updated version of it on youtube, but I can't get it pasted in here. I put in "anticipation ketchup commercial" as my search term. Anyway, I did figure out how to get YouTube to post it here for me, so hopefully that will work.
Why am I thinking about this song? Because I can't wait to get out of here and start my girls' weekend! I am looking forward to lots of laughing and talking- lots of sitting on the deck looking at the sky.
But I will miss Dev.


So I made ricotta gnocchi for dinner tonight. Go over to my other blog to see it if you want.
I am headed to Salida tomorrow with Tonya, for a girls' get away weekend. I will be back Monday to post some pics and tattle on all the crazy stuff Tonya does. :)

Is it Friday Yet????

I am falling asleep. I was so busy this morning, I didn't think I'd ever get everything done. Well, I did. So now I'm sitting here, BORED. I have left phone messages all over the universe, and until someone calls me back, I have nothing left to do.
I've been surfing around on the internet, and I found another entertaining site, very much like the icanhascheezburger site. It's Tonya sent it to me, so technically, me sitting here goofing off is her fault. Come to think of it, my sleepiness is her fault, too, because she DRAGGED me to lunch at Back In Thyme and MADE me eat lunch and a big fat piece of Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate cake. I strenuously objected, but she wouldn't listen... :)

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...

This pic was posted on one of my favorite websites,

Ancient History

Dev gets much enjoyment out of telling the people we meet about how "aloof" I was the first time he messaged me through Yahoo Personals.
I know there are 2 sides to every story, but honestly, Dev has it all wrong. He claims that I "let" him talk to me and that my reply to his first message was snobbish. In reality, my reply to his first message was something like this:
"If you would like to talk to me, my screen name is *******, next time you are on the internet, you can message me."
See? nothing aloof, nothing snobby. I think Dev read into it what he wanted to believe.

So tonight we are driving home from our weekly bowling date with Tonya, Shane, Sarah, Phil and Marni, when this subject rears it's ugly head again. I decided to turn the tables, so I asked him why he decided to try to message me again, if I had been so snobbish during our first exchange.

You will NEVER believe what he said. Not in a million years.

He said......DESPERATION.

Those of you…

Weird Day

Today was one of those weird days.
Work wasn't bad. I actually got quite a bit done. We have 2 rather large conventions headed our way between now and Thanksgiving, and there are lots of little details to get nailed down. I got a good headstart on several things today.
From a friend perspective, it was a mixed bag. On the one hand, my friend Di got good news about employment for the fall, which is a relief of monumental proportions.
On the other hand, my friend Tonya was dealing with a very difficult first summer camp situation with her daughter. Although it did not directly involve me, I felt really awful for both of them and it occupied my thoughts for the majority of the day.
On an unrelated note, my nephew's 17th birthday is coming up Wednesday. I feel very old. Dev tries to convince me that other people's aging shouldn't affect my perception of my own, but when you remember CLEARLY the BIRTH of someone, you can't help but feel old when they are no longer…

Another Lovely Sunday Picnic...

Dev's parents have been visiting us this weekend, so tonight we all took a picnic supper to Cole Park. The entertainment was provided by Katie Moffatt and Rosie Florez. They were a quite energetic duo from Texas. Here's a pic of Dev and his parents at our picnic... And here's a pick of Rosie Florez entertaining the kids in the audience with a honky tonk song about hot dogs...

Oh- and here's what Dev and his dad were doing while his mom and I were making the picnic....

Santa Fe

So this weekend, Dev and I took off for Santa Fe. We were meeting Tonya and Shane for brunch and a day of shopping and playing tourist. Tonya has posted her photos of the weekend here. I posted mine here. I'm also going to post some of them on this blog. Here we are as we loaded up the truck and headed out on the open road....

Dev seems to get a little irritated when I pull out the camera to take a pic. So here's the way he tries to discourage me from doing this....

But he's so won't work. So we drove in and met Tonya, Shane and Sarah at Harry's Roadhouse for brunch. Here's what it looks like:
I can't begin to tell you how outrageously good the food was here. And it was pretty inexpensive as well. All 5 of us ate brunch for about $50.00. I wish I had thought to take a pic of my food, but I didn't. I had chilaquiles with fried eggs. Dev had shrimp and grits. Both of us were very happy with our food. After brunch we headed to Jackelope, which is, acc…

No Bowling.... :(

We didn't go bowling tonight. I think everyone had a hectic day. I know I sat in meetings ALL DAY LONG. My first one started at 9:30am and ended around noon, then the next one started at 1:15pm and lasted til 4:30pm. That's a long time to be sittin' and listenin'. I feel pretty brain dead.
Dev is studying for his Statistics final. Tomorrow is the last day of his summer class. So I can't even bug him. I'm bored.
We might be going to Santa Fe this weekend. That would be fun. Tonya and Shane used to live there, and they are going, so we would have built in tour guides. I know there is a Trader Joe's there. I think that's a must see.
I'll give a full report, no matter what happens. I'll also report on my trip to Denver Friday- not going to be too exciting cuz I'm going for a meeting.
I guess I'll go watch foodtv for a while.

Being Outside...

Is nice. Especially when it is hot inside. Dev and I are sitting at our little table out on the balcony, watching the sunlight change colors as it shines on the wall of the Valley Health and Fitness Center. Not exactly idyllic, but it will have to do for now.
I just got finished blogging about my dinner over at the new blog, so you should go check it out. I'm gonna have to seriously think about how to divide my stuff up between my two blogs. So much of what I do is food related, but I don't want to stop posting to this site. I'm sure it will work itself out.
Tomorrow is bowling night, so there will be no food to blog about. Perhaps I will remember to take the camera, so I can blog about bowling.
Then there's always Thursday.....

It's Alive......

The new cooking blog has been launched! We haven't fancied up the place yet, but there are a few posts to read (I'm working on another right now)....
So go read it!

The name of the blog is 1700milesofcooking and it's sure to be a very interesting read.

Movie Night

After the chicken parm was safely out of the oven, Dev and I headed over to Tonya and Shane's for our first Movie Night.

We ate a lovely dinner, then decided to go play in the park to make room for dessert. After watching Sarah play with the other kids on the merry go round, we decided to wander over to the tennis courts. Dev agreed to hit the ball around with Sarah for a while. I know Tonya took several pics of this match up. I only took one.
This is a Marla Hooch shot of Dev. We all had a good time standing around talking and chasing tennis balls everywhere.We returned to the house to eat chocolate cake and watch a movie. Tonya had selected "Farmer Astronaut" (or is it "Astronaut Farmer?"). Anyway, whichever it is, the movie was pretty good. I mean some of it was unbelievable, not only from a technical standpoint (not that I'm a science person- but I'd think freefalling through the earth's atmosphere with only a little parachute and landing on the s…


Man, it smells good in here. The tomatoes and onions and garlic are roasting away in the oven, waiting to be whizzed around in the food processor with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I also went ahead and pounded those chicken breasts flat (very very therapeutic- I might do that to all cuts of meat just to relieve some stress). As soon as the tomatoes are done I will pan fry the cutlets and begin the assembly of my chicken parmesan. If this doesn't turn out I will be highly upset.
50 minutes is a long time to wait. Especially when it smells like it does right now. I must be strong......

Playing Around

I'm playing around with my blog while Devin makes his roasted tomato sauce for my parmesan tonight. I am not allowed to watch the process. Dev says it is one of his "wooing" recipes. Maybe one day soon I'll post a list of these recipes. I've tried to tell him I didn't move 2000 miles away from home because of his recipes, but he doesn't seem convinced.

Anyway, I've decided to play with the picture upload features on blogger. I can't seem to figure out how to get the pics to appear within the post, instead of at the top of the post. Let me experiment with something.... Okay, hey maybe I figured it out. Great looking kabobs, huh? I actually posted these a while back. I just needed a pic to see if I was on the right track, and it looks like I am!!! Yay me!

More Saturday Fun!

Here is the progress Dev is making on the cheese for my chicken parmesan. One pic is of a bag of fresh ricotta hanging from my kitchen ceiling... The other is the mozzarella curding in the pot, waiting to be squeezed and dried.
Not bad, huh?

Saturday, Lovely Saturday

Our morning started with french toast. Any morning that starts with french toast can't be bad. After a quick shower, it was time for our weekly bike ride to the farmers market.
This week's purchases included fresh peaches and some really odd looking round zucchini. The peaches are bound for the grill, then a topping of vanilla ice cream. The zucchini will probably end up in a stir fry of sweet corn and fresh tomato.
Dev has been standing out on the balcony with binoculars, watching the planes do stunts at the Alamosa Fly In. We can see pretty well from our apartment.
He has also been busy making home made ricotta and mozzarella(sp) cheeses for my chicken parmesan recipe. We are taking it over to Tonya and Shane's for movie night. I hope it turns out as good as it sounds like it will. My goal is my version of the ultimate chicken parmesan. I'm planning to pound the chicken breasts out like cutlets, bread them in panko, pan fry them to crisp them up, layer them wi…

New Hairdo

So I went and had my hair cut today. I haven't had a real hair cut in probably more than 10 years.

I went in thinking I wanted it cut, but not necessarily drastic. The stylist and I talked for about 10 minutes about what I really wanted. Then she said if I really wanted to make a change, why not really make it count. She told me if I cut 10" off the length of my hair, it could be donated to Locks of Love. Then it would be used to make wigs for kids who have cancer. So I agreed. 10 seconds later I had no hair.

I suppose it isn't horrible. But it will take a while to get used to. I will probably like it after it grows out a bit.

Plus- it looks bad in these pics because I had to walk through 2 construction zones to get back to work, and our building isn't air conditioned, so I sat at my desk and sweated for an hour and a half before quittin' time.

Well, anyway, it's done and there's nothing I can do about it.

Good Day

I have had a very good day.

Work was productive. I got my entire desk and cube re-organized. I made sales calls and even got positive feedback from a potential group tour!

Now I'm sitting in the living room, propped on the couch, feeling the nice cool breeze coming in the window after having eaten the kick-ass turkey burgers Dev fixed for dinner, and listening to "White Lines" by Duran Duran (turned way up on the headphones). Not bad for a Tuesday.

I'm feeling so blissed out I might paint my toenails.



After suffering another bout of insomnia last night, I am now sleeping sitting up at my desk. I am so freakin' tired! I feel like I just ate a giant bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, only I didn't. I had Pad Thai (with tofu) for lunch, and didn't even eat a fourth of it. Drinking lots of cold water hasn't perked me up, neither did the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie my co-worker Phil offered me earlier. The sad thing is, once I get home and decide it's bedtime, I won't be sleepy anymore. WHY DOES MY BODY HATE ME???

What I Do When I'm Not Sleeping...

Well, on this particular evening while I'm not sleeping I'm geeking out. I did a complete overhaul on my blog. I changed the template, color scheme- the whole enchilada. I even added a hidden counter so I can see how many people don't read this stuff.
I got an email from my friend Diane today, proposing a new blog project. She would like to launch a tag-team type food blog. We are both amateur foodies, and we've spent many long summer days cooking up some not so shabby food. Now that we are 2,000 miles apart, the only way we can still cook together is over the wonderful world wide web.
I think we should do it. It's in very preliminary stages right now- we haven't got a title, much less an actual game plan. Not that those kind of things have stopped us in the past. If it happens, I'll be sure to link it here. I've been thinking of trying to install a blog roll anyway. I have several friends with great blogs and I'd like to link them to mine.
I'll le…

Picnicking(sp) and Blogging

I just got back from the Sundays at Six concert at Cole Park. Dev and I had a pretty good time, in spite of the rain. I have just submitted a piece on it to the Alamosa blog, so hopefully pretty soon you can read the details. I also submitted a piece on the opening of the Farmers Market. My Sunday has been disgustingly productive.

My Weekend

My weekend was quite the mixed bag of experiences. I'm not back to 100% after my brush with gastro-intestinal meltdown. So I had some really good moments and some not so good moments.
The not so good moments were usually when my tummy didn't feel so good and I needed to lay down. This happened roughly twice a day. I feel so much better than I did before, but I am looking forward to a time when I don't have weird crampy feelings going on in the background all the time.

Luckily the good moments outnumbered the bad stuff by a landslide.

Friday, Dev and I went to visit Tonya and Shane at their new house. We were mightily impressed. We were most taken by the back yard, which actually is big enough to plant a garden. We already know where we'd put everything! I can't wait to see what Tonya and Shane do with it. We hung out with them til around 9pm, then came home to vegitate on the couch for the remainder of the evening.

Saturday was the first occurence of the Farmers' M…

What a Week!

So much to write much I'd like never to experience again!

So my last post was on the eve of the last campfire at Tonya and Shane's house at Zapata. It turned out to be quite lovely, in spite of Tonya's continuing battle with allergies. I have a few pics and as soon as I remember to take them off the camera, I will post them. Tonya also has pics posted on her Flickr page.

Sunday was fairly non-descript. Dev and I puttered around the house most of the day, then went to the park and practiced putting up our tent.

Monday was the beginning of the end....

I woke up not feeling great, but not feeling bad enough to stay home from work. As the day progressed, my stomach was hurting- really burning more than hurting. I figured I'd have a sandwich for lunch and it would go away. Unfortunately, it didn't. By the time I left work Monday, I was in a good deal of pain. I took some ibuprofen when I got home and hit the couch. By 10:30 the pain had changed into something mu…

A Good Saturday So Far....

Today has been a great day so far.

Dev and I slept in til about 8:30, then I made french toast for breakfast. We got ready to go and went to Monte Vista to look around downtown.

We found a really cool little bead store called "Jeanne's Beads." They were teaching a class on stringing beads while we were there. Classes are offered on Friday evenings and weekends, so I might just go back and learn something new for Christmas gift season...

Then we went to the Alco store. It reminds me a bit of Big Lots. Anyway, we were looking in their gardening section and found the cutest little table and chairs for our stoop- very small, but much classier than plastic lawn furniture. We asked about it because it wasn't marked. It turns out that because the table top had a slight crack, it was more than 50% off. SOLD!! Now it is sitting on our front stoop with a lovely pot of ivy atop it.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get a few things to make spinach dip and guacamole…


Here it is....our beautiful new tent. Looks kinda funny in our living room, but we just couldn't wait to see it!

New Toys!

As of 7:53pm this evening, Dev and I are the proud owners of 1 REI Taj 3 tent and 2 Big Agnes sleeping bags! Dev is blowing up the sleeping bag pads in the living room right now.

Maybe we'll take them and camp out in Tonya and Shane's front yard.... :)

Phil suggested that we all get our tents and hit the trail sometime soon. I think he's right!

Missing Old Friends

I just read my friend Diane's blog. It made me sad. She was bemoaning her loneliness and lack of projects during her summer vacation. It used to be that I had summers off as well and we would embark on the "Calvalcade of Fun." This usually meant we did a lot of really good cooking, laid around on the couch and watched a lot of tennis, went to Sand Gnats games (minor league baseball) and drank lots of beer. It's easier to do nothing when you have a good friend to help you be lazy. I miss that. I miss her. Sometimes I wish she would move here and meet my new friends and we could all be together and happy.

Busy, Productive Days

Today was a very busy day. Our office manager is on vacation, so even though we have someone coming in to answer the phones, it still means I'm busier than usual.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I probably won't escape early like I usually do on Fridays (because the deadline for parade entries is tomorrow at 5pm, and I'm expecting a steady stream of them right up until then). But I have a very pleasant weekend planned, so I don't mind.

REI called today and our tent will be arriving much earlier than planned. Yay!

Saturday we are going to a farewell firepit party at Tonya and Shane's. Looking forward to the social opportunity, but I know it will be kinda hard for Tonya. My plan is to drive her crazy and be on her doorstep constantly after she moves in town. She won't have time to miss her other place!

I made a yummie dinner tonight- Greek Orzo Shrimp Salad. I forgot to take pics, but it sure was beautiful and tasted great. Maybe I'll whip up anothe…


Today was a pretty good day, in spite of an overall lack of sleep last night.

Work went well, and after work, we went and bowled a game. Usually Wednesdays are the unofficial Ethos Media Bowling League nights. Tonya and Shane couldn't make it this week, so Phil, Dev and I went for a little while.

I actually got the article written about the Chamber FAM tour. It turned out to be quite long. Tonya suggested we run it as a series on the Alamosa blog. So check there soon to read the installments.

I think I'm falling asleep, so I am going to lay down before it wears off...


Still can't sleep. So I went and got the camera and took a quick pic of myself wearing my new glasses and listening to Depeche Mode on my pandora list. Looking very Lisa Loeb-ey I do say. :)

Insomnia (again)

I really hate it when I can't sleep.......

So I'm sitting here using the stereo headphones to listen to my radio station. I wanted to listen to my imeem playlist, but it seems most of the music I chose for my lists has reverted to 30 second bits, and I hate that. I wonder why that happens? Maybe because I haven't listened in quite a while....who knows.

I'm also thinking of things I need to do for work. I always do that when I can't sleep. For instance, I'm thinking I need to make sure I re-work the Excel spreadsheet for RPD to reflect new Steering Committee members. I also need to send the Master Funders List to the Steering Committee. I need to make sales calls for my group tour leads. I need to make sure I don't need to do anything else as far as traffic control for the Independence Day Parade. I need to call more tent rental places to get prices for a concert coming up in September. I need to touch base with 2 different people on grou…

Field Trips!

Today was a fun day. Barb, Joe and I went on a tour of the north side of the Valley. We were joined by Rick from the Alamosa Bus Company. The idea was to go play tourist, so when the real tourists come in the Visitors Center asking questions about these places, we can answer them.
I am not going to go into serious detail about the trip, because I am writing a piece for the Alamosa Blog about it, but when I'm done with it, I'll link to it here so you all can read it.

However, I will post a few pics here so you will get the idea....

Weekend Trip

This weekend, Dev and took off for Colorado Springs. It was a really good trip, allergies not withstanding...

We left Saturday morning after a breakfast of home-made buttermilk pancakes. We got to our destination around 12:30ish. After driving around for a little while, we decided to stop for lunch at Tomo Sushi on Academy Boulevard. I hadn't had real sushi in a long time (like since I left Savannah), so it was incredible! I had salmon and unagi nigiri, one tempura roll with avacado, crab cream cheese and a roll with crab and asparagus. Dev had some kind of bento box.

After lunch we wandered around town and went to the REI store (where I purchased my first Nalgene water bottle), Barnes and Noble, Borders, Whole Foods (where I purchased Spanish chocolate, parmesan/rosemary crackers, mushroom brie, real maple syrup and some Thai mixes), Target (where I purchased allergy medicine), the Citadel Mall (where I purchased some Clarins powder), Sam's Club (where I purchased 2 pai…